481 No, Derpy - Ordinary Differential Equation

I am so, so sorry for giving you another iteration of this joke. It had to be done, and it will have been done... by thousands.
482 Beam Me Up! - Ken Rogers

"Draw a pony smiling/BEAMING" -- when I saw the "beaming" part, I just had to do this. So, here's Riker from TNG as a pony getting ready to beam up via transporter. I hope I'm not the only one who though this...
483 Fluttershy - Revas

I'm the world champ, you know. I bet you can't beat me! *squee*
484 Ciannon - Scott Nigel

Truly the best thing that could happen to me, though the most impossible too.
485 Applejack On a Dirt Road - MasterCombine

Damn you, crappy camera phone. Other than that, this took me almost two hours. Seriously. Oh well, practice is practice!
486 Smiling in the darkest places - astroty

my second drawing....... Even in face of the dark equestria wasteland, littlepip shows that can be happiness
487 Tomatobox is best lightbulb - TheMunkis

488 - Terry Love-Lee

489 a pony smiling - ty

490 Fweeee... - Dreigun

Twilight's just not cut out for that sort of activity.
491 smile - pegasister1557

492 TreeLeaf's Mindset On The Topic of Partying! - F

Another quick sketch, I'm getting better with these submissions! Brohoofs and huggles all around! Squee.mp3
493 - Overdriven

Blegh. Badly inked head and mane are badly inked. In he meantime, I am actively trying to be a smartass with my art now. This can't end well.....
494 Delicious Roundness - BeechSprout

495 Stickgag's Awesome Face/Cherilee - Sean Browning (Stickgag)

I was supposed to draw a very happy pony. This was my face once I did. This is also my face for when I see feedback messages on deviant art on one of my drawings. This was also the face I had today when I replaced my broken headphones with brand spanking new ones I hope this'll be the face you guys get when looking at this as well! Pinkie Pie makes this face a lot, so no critiques, unless it has to do with shading, in which case I used a different brush this time. Also I need advice on how to make the mane better... just drawing lines through it doesn't seem to make a very nice effect for 'hair'. Thanks! BIG SHOUTOUT to Stellarina! Whose been on my profile, commenting and giving me some advice on my 2nd pony drawing! Really appreciate it! SO go on guys, gimme some suggestions! It'd be really nice of you all :)
496 Chrysalis... smiling? - JunaE_CBS

I don't know you, but I'd be terrified if I saw that. (Originally, aimed for a Slasher-ish Smile... but didn't quite get it)
497 Smile Pills - Tobibrocki

Pony on Drugs? Pony on Drugs! Smile Drugs, brought to you by the one and only pink one! So Smile Smile Smile Everypony! ;D
498 - Cory Freivald

499 A happy hug - Gus

I am not proud of this at all. *sigh* back to my hole...
500 Grumpy McGrumpyhooves - ExudesAffluence

Draw a happy pony?... Well, one outta two ain't bad, aight?
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