1 Not who you think I am - Slizergiy

Another day on the job for Luna's Spymaster Camouflage (and there's none better than a changeling).
2 SPY! - JohansRobot

3 Banana Cakes? - VocallegraHelen

4 Misadventure of Filly Twilight and her #1 Assistant. - PeriodicMG

So apparently, Twilight and her mischievous assistant came up with a plan to steal the cookies in the royal kitchen. With Twilight's homemade costume and Spike's great claws, together they hope to get the cookies before anyone sees them.
5 Sonata Dusk - Tacos? - Fluttershy_wins

She technically not a pony, so she's a pony faker :D
6 Neigh Dahling - Wolfen

Stop it, you silly horse.
7 Day 5 - Norque

8 Get Jinxed - ZA7Z

Aaaaaaaaand its 5:00 AM, enjoy Pinkie's cosplay of Jinx!
9 Spike Hoodie - Sleepy Dragonness

A dragon disguised as another dragon? Who had this idea?
10 NATG Princess Replacement - Hopscotch

"Are you sure you are Phoe, Princess of the NATG?" "Of course.... anyway... uhh..... today's prompt is......."
11 Day 5: Undercover - Deeayen

12 hiding in plain sight - storm shield

That handsome OC is storm shield one of ponyville's new police ponies That mysterious mare is rainbow dash Yup Pinkie was right not even stormie could see through this disguise
13 Ninja Pie - Owl-Feather

It's Ninja Pie! She's on a mission to steal the cupcakes. They must not know who she really is!
14 Twilightlicious - Anim Bron-e

How I made this: Drawn on paper, tracking the lines afterwards with a fineliner, make a photo, paint in the pony.
15 - Mistress Fabulous

Aww yeah, changelings.
16 Random Pony Pose #4 : In-Disguise - Animerge

I think I draw something horrible ._. Yeah.. pretty much this is the only idea that I could do
17 Princess Fluttia - Sintakhra

Fluttershy enjoyed emulating Princess Celestia to help Dash study, she decided to impersonate her and take up position as head of government. Personally I welcome our new pony overlord.
18 Pony Faker - DustWind

19 Shut Up Faker! - Ben Edwards

As soon as I saw the word faker, I knew I had to make a Sonic reference! Also G3 ponies are harder to draw D: remind me not to draw them again for the rest of the NATG :P
20 Just GREAT... - Royal

Twilight faking normal is definitely convincing.
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