201 Freddie Wong vs. The Princess of China - Phil Danielsen

Wong Fei Hung (a.k.a Freddie Wong) vs. the princess of China. They don't have a CM, can you draw it!?
202 - Otakon

203 Unbearable Combat - Matthew Nystrom

It looked pretty good until I attacked it with ink. Oh well, this is drawing school.
204 Bear Calvary - Phillip Ramey

She is prepared for all sorts of "grizzly" encounters
205 Fluttershy vs Angel - Rowler

206 Infiltration Reporter - Yandalf

Wanted to still paint this in but ran out of time, vectored in Photoshop. Ever since this started I wanted to make a Beyond Good & Evil tribute, and I figured this was a very fitting theme to do it. Jade rocks! Might retake/continue this one later, had fun doing the composition.
207 Apple Bloom facing a conflict - B_Waffle

Apple Bloom having a psychological conflict
208 Do Not - Ever - Guephrnën

Here you have, a technique a hadn't tried in a while! I usually try to keep my distance with soft brushes because I feel like I'm cheating. They are useful sometimes though. ¿What is in this scene? To the right we have whom I imagined is Derpy's big brother: Lern'd Hooves. He is specially fond of Derpy and while she was little he would go to great lengths so that her special eyes would not cause her grief, to the point of fighting others is they ever said something to her. His dream was to be a great flyer but on one Derpy occasion he lost his vision on his right eye- he could be a regular flyer now, but nothing exceptional. He found comfort in plants, gardening and building. It is said that once he builds something it will resist anything, even the often troublesome happenings his sister can bring. There you have it A little back story. Hope you like it!
209 Boiler Bucker's Rival - Sgtbrony

Drew Boilder Bucker facing off against his most bitter rival! the nameless IU OC
210 Buck Off - Nick

Instead of Fluttershy fighting a bear I decided to draw Applejack fighting a changeling! Turns out changelings are really hard to draw--who knew?
211 Fluttershy vs Dragon - Airtower

“You may have huge teeth and sharp scales and snore smoke and breathe fire, but you do not, I repeat, you do not hurt my friends! You got that?”
212 The Legend of Pony: The Wind Waker - Sue

The Wind Waker is my favorite Zelda game so I decided to draw ponies locked in the "grizzly" combat of the WW final boss fight with Soarlink and Zeldash facing off against the evil Gannoncord. Hee I even through in a little SoarinDash shipping by drawing Soarin and Rainbow as Link and Zelda. ^__^
213 BEGONE! - Hans G (Darthvender)

Guess I missed a few days there :C Also, I hope you're all proud of the EXTREME amount of effort I put into this pun.
214 I am your mother - Schnee

"Twilight... I AM YOUR MOTHER!" -- "Nooooooo!" (Several references used for Night Mare Moon; none for Twilight. 70 minutes, most of which was spent on NMM. I'm quite happy with the outcome - Twilight actually is showing just the right mixture of shock and disbelief.)
215 Celestia is ready to kick some flank - Myrami

216 Fencing is Magic - HÃ¥kon Jensen

The Great and Powerful Trixie and Steampunk Twilight Sparkle locked in conflict. I guess Twi has finally had enough of her constant boasting.
217 Skydaloo - Tomato Soup

I had no idea what to draw so... I guess this could be seen as some kind of conflict.
218 Fighting my way Out - Xain Russell

Yet another one where I really had NO idea what I wanted to do. I figured I'd have Shining Armor with a sword, pretty much from the get go, but I only really had him fighting vague shadows at first and it looked terrible, so now he's fighting Changeling eyes in the middle of a changeling nest. How'd he get there? Why is he wearing his ceremonial uniform? I have no applebucking clue.
219 Celestia vs Nightmare Moon - Stardustchild01

1000 years ago there was an epic battle between Princess Celestia and her sister - Luna, that has turned into Mare of the Night Nightmare Moon.
220 Twi Scout - SevooHypreD

It's an animation so click to view!
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