241 My weapon shall be my cell - klystron2010

Steelhooves from "Fallout: Equestria".
242 The Hardest Choice - Muffinshire

243 Another quick drawing. - Gladius Nocte

244 Grizzly Combat - olywolf

245 - annopony

Lyra before the Best Young Flier's Competition. I tried to practice drawing reflective glass here. I think next time I need should have some better lighting when uploading these
246 Pinkie vs. Volgin - Austin

I decided to merge MLP with MGS. I realize it probably would have been better to draw "future Twilight" rather than Pinkie... but I can't help but draw the best!
247 Unlikely Pair - Kaitlyn

Well, not really conflict, not really combat, but this is almost close... right?
248 Hello Stonehenge! - ultireaper

249 Party Cannon! - Vulpis Alba

Let slip the confetti of war!
250 The Last Stand of Nightmare Moon's Offensive - 8-Bit64

Woohoo! Day 7 and I love it! No, seriously. I had this scene in my head for MONTHS. Only now did I have the confidence to draw it. I've always imagined the battle between Nightmare Moon and Celestia and now I've got the skill and the confidence in my drawing abilities to see it fleshed out on paper. This is probably the most effort I've put into one of these. It took me at least a good solid block of 5 hours. I really worked hard on this one. I sincerely hope you all enjoy this one as much as I do.
251 The Battle on Namek - Rhianna

This is a pony parody of a scene in Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta was injured. Pinkamena is watching as Goku and Freiza are about to fight.
252 Day 7 Me vs the Sun God - ShadowForce75

There is actually 4 styles I made, this it 1.1
253 Facing Conflict - Clone26

254 a battle of wit - demented-Mr-Paulsen

255 y'all stepped on my hat - Helena

I just really like Applejack.
256 Are you still there? - ~Lurarin

I dunno
257 GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! - Alan Apac

Did this in a hurry. That and i couldn`t think of an "Original joke" in the time I had... So i couldn`t humor you... BUT! Here`s some ponies fighting!
258 Musical Scars - John Elliott

259 NATGII: Day 7 - On The Brink of Catastrophe - 115Predator

My submission for the seventh day of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds II. This probably took anywhere from 3 - 5 hours to make. I was originally going to make this entire piece in Photoshop, but realized that it would take too long to hand it in for today. I will probably return to this drawing and recreate it in Photoshop at a later time. Also, much of the detail in the drawing has been lost in scanning. Do you recognize these two figures? If not, the one on the left is Robert McNamara and the one on the right is John F. Kennedy. The Cuban Missile Crisis was a period within the Cold War where much of the world nearly faced a nuclear war. Here, John F. Kennedy and Robert McNamara are examining several images and are discussing on what actions they should take to resolve this crisis.
260 Fighting What's Inside - Harlequin Smiles

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