281 Dead Vs Epic - J.a.g

This is the epic fight that Dead Rainbow Dash and Epic Rainbow Dash had two months ago.
282 Silvermane Wants to Battle! - Steven

283 Day 7 - NoCtrl

284 no name again - Philipp Golenz Azurblau

to much okami for me...well time to play okami
285 Bon Bon - Michael

286 Smurf you - Philith

I Hate conflict!
287 Roid Rage - Kamilucha

I asked what to do to my friends because of my bad english. They told me to do something like this.
288 Brony-Hater War - Prototype-No-07

Depiction of what's happening on the Internets right now. We see flame wars everywhere we go as a result of one show. Bronies and Anti-Bronies, which side will you pick? You decide.
289 NATGII: Day 7 - NLR - Charge - 115Predator

My second submission for the seventh day of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds II. This is a quick sketch of the injured Luna charging through enemy fire in a cold setting (I imagine this to be somewhere in Siberia).
290 - Daniel Näckblad

291 Stickgag's Happy Ending - Sean Browning (Stickgag)

For Mitch during the livestream! www.livestream.com/stickgag BIG SHOUTOUT OUT THERE TO ALL MY BRONIES WHO MAY BE WATCHING. This was a wonderful experience, and I once again forgot to draw my glasses. DAMMIT. THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT MY ARTISTIC SKILLS HAVE COME DOWN TO. STRAIGHT UP MURDER. THANSK EQD! I AM FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT. THE LIVESTREAM IS WATCHING ME WRITE THIS. THEY ARE SO SILLY :D HUGS AND KISSES XOXOXOXOXOXOKYDV39 I'm cray and sexy according to the stream. Anyway cray-ness aside, gimme suggestions on my deviant art page! I'd be very happy if you did! THANKS PHOE FOR THIS WONDERFUL TIME.
292 Down The Trenches - LSkellett

293 EQD Artist Training Grounds II: Day 7- Conflict - Bluesplosion

Twi and Trixie are arguing or something. Nothing special today.
294 Spread the Love - HollowZero

So much trouble with this one! I couldn't think of a good idea all day until I finally got frustrated enough to make a mockery of ponies in conflict. Here's Rainbow Dash dropping a love grenade on a mean, nasty, angry Ponyville.
295 EQD ATG II : Day 7: When best friends fight - Timothy Tung

Day 7: Draw a pony in conflict This stumped me. Then I listened to epicly stressful music. Then this came out. Pony on the left is supposed to be Mjolna. Not enough practice drawing her ._.
296 A Mental Struggle - Liam Browm

I had the cool idea of Pinkie Pie battling with her inner demons.
297 National Crisis - FuzzyStreak

298 Allie Way is... THE BOWLER - Stellarina

Watch out, Allie Way is about to strike some fools with her super grisly ball!
299 Boss Fight - Brianna Anderson

300 Twilight of the Thunder God - Horselover90

There is something I dislike about his pose and face, but I did not have the time to figure what it is. Had to play Magic the whole evening, so this was more or less made in a hurry. Uploding time is now 2:20 a.m. CET. Thank god I'm on vacation right now...
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