321 The Night Shall Last Forever! - Littlecolt

I had considered working with color again today, but I have been enjoying simple grayscale this week. Went out and bought some new pencils and pens today at a local art store, so here you have it, my most complicated piece so far. Drawn with pencil, inked by hand with pens. Perspective, environments, backgrounds... not my forte, as you can see, but I hope to improve!
322 - ThunderManiac

Posted again because I forgot her tail.
323 Granny Smith and Rarity Lightning - Flippy

I don't know which was more of a challenge - Granny Smith's wrinkles or Rarity's hair. But I had fun doing this one! Shoulda given them a Jedi robe and Sith robe, respectively...
324 Angry ponies - Willy Galleta

Fast drawing of Applejack and Rarity discussing because reasons.
325 We meet again... - Syn_Prototyper

"Your time has come, Broccoli! And I've got my dad with me this time!" Meh, I've had such a bad day today that I've ended up drawing something pretty obscure in regards to the prompt for the seventh day of NATG. What's going on here is that this colt is in conflict with his most despised nemesis, broccoli, thinking that his dad is there to support him, but in fact is making sure his son will finish what's on his plate this time, just like a good parent. Young minds think quite differently, of course. It's pretty obvious, but I'm not at all pleased with this overall, I guess my mood today has killed my buzz to make something much better. Well, here's hoping for a better turn-out tomorrow.
326 Rarity SMASH the Rainbow! - DasHHat

Can Rainbow Dash take Rarity's wrath?! Find out next time IN "DasHHat struggles with faces!!! ... the musical!" This was a lot of fun to do, I decided there should be some tail swooshing in the wind, a nice and low camera angle perspective and to top it off, Rarity being very angry... something I'm sure she is used to by now, haha! Thanks for looking, loves DasHHat
327 Poldek vs Everfree Forest - PoldekPL

328 Happy Poldek - PoldekPL

Yesterday I came back from brony party so wasted I couldn't pick up pencil. Here it is, day later. Don't hate me ;_;
329 Magic shield - Greg

"Prepare yourself Twilight Sparkle!"
330 Trainer Lyra wants to fight! - Grievstar

Also submitting just the first frame from my initial submission since I really like it.
331 Seems Legit - HolyRayne

Trixie will likely be causing the conflict...and no I don't know where she got a name badge that said Con Artist.
332 Pinkie's Decision - zztfox

Obvious Zelda reference is obvious. (Who chooses the red potion, BTW) I think Pinkies decision is a little less cut and dry as Link's was, However!
333 no more trollin - /)awesome_luna(\

had no idea about the grizzly so i stuck a trollface in :) feedback is appreciated
334 I didn't do anything. - Kuyon

Couldn't think of anything to do at first then I got the idea for this. The "applejack lie" face was totally no influenced by the fact I happen to watch that episode today.... nope not a all >.> (overall pretty happy with this one good practice for emotions with eyes).
335 - ZeldaTheSwordsman

This is actually an older piece of my pony art, but it definitely fits. I had a hell of a time with the inking and colouring on this one, and it was before I got the drawing of Flutter Pony wings down.
336 Amp vs Amp - The Skullivan

I tried to bite off more than I could chew this time around. I had a lot more I wanted to do with this, but I ran out of time before I could do any more than just the characters. I'm not really happy with the end result, but whatever.
337 A Public Service Announcement - Leafgrowth

338 Have at You - Devon

339 NATG Day 7: 'Conflict' - Kinrah

Chess is serious business.
340 Conflict - Garnet

Was short on time today. Will be coming back to this one (:
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