381 Zecora fighting pose - safrania9898

382 The Fight against Stu's - G. l'Ange

My camera couldn't capture the OC in the top-right's cutie mark, which says STU in large letters. Hopefully the punk-rock Alicorn is enough of a hint. Also done in last minute panic.
383 The Great Pasta Conflict of 2012 - brokenhero0409

If there's one thing that could stymie Mahogany for hours is having to choose between two pasta dishes.
384 Living Shield - Geradex Acondari

385 A- - Skeltoso

386 Quite a big conflict. - Gus

This ponified version of the AT-AT does seem like a big conflict to some normal pony. But looks like Gus can take it on. Ooooh boy.
387 Element of Loyalty - Dane W.

This is easily the most ambitious thing I've done for the NATG. Two ponies instead of one, two completely new poses, a massive dragon head, dealing with proportions, and toying with expressions. It took forever to do and cost a bit of my hard earned sanity, but I'm actually kind of proud of the work I put into it! It may not be the the best (AHEM KINDLY IGNORE RAINBOW DASH KTHX), but for the first time putting something like it together, and for the seventh drawing I've done of anything EVER, I certainly like it.
388 Applejack Showdown - Christin Hampton

389 - Scuri Levenstein

390 Warrior of the Future - Ben Hanson

391 Flexible Fighter - EnigmaticThief

392 Grizzly Conflict - Ambrose Buttercrust

Note: not referenced from any bear shown in MLP.

Twilight, facing some conflict :3
394 Epic Muffin War - Charcoal Sketch

It's Derpy versus the killer mutant muffin monster! Oh no, Derpy has a squeaky mallet! The muffin is DOOMED!
395 Me Today - Renaissance Pony

i got uncreative and lazy... so i did this
396 Dashing into Action - SpulMelody7

Day 7! Combat! But since I do not want to draw ponies destroying one another (what is this friendship you speak of?), and I do not want to draw the (probably) cliche Rarity fighting pose, you get Rainbow. Who's probably about to destroy someone, but I don't have to draw that. Anyways, this is a completely rough sketch. I sent it to myself, then made some changes, and then the file went *poof*. So, since I really don't want to draw this again, here's a semi-decent Rainbow! Also. Still need help using Procreate and with highlights and such. If anyone has tips or suggestions, leave them in the comments of my DeviantArt artwork page.
397 Twilight's Conflict - Linkman

Just Twilight protecting herself from some type of beast.
398 EQD Artist Training Grounds Day 7 - AthiyahTA

NightMare Moon and Luna in a 'grizzly' combat, obviously winning side being NightMare Moon.
399 Ironshod Marines - Under Fire - Duskfall

I drew two ponies on one page! What is this!? Also, the theme was my specialty :3
400 Grizzly Kombat - Nimbus Surge

The pun was staring me in the face, so it has been done.
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