401 Oh Twilight... - Micaiah

So Twi is hard to draw. The eyes. And tiny Rarity is wrong. But Im tired so I'll fix it later. Or not. What's going on is Rarity wanted to keep playing the arcade game, but ran out of bits. So she asked Twi if she could make it play without bits. This is the result...
402 Trixie entering Ponyville, again - Sockis

Stupid poop. Of course one of the few times I actually forget to save often, the program that never stops working other times, stops working this time. I had just finished the color and shadowing and overall polishing of the picture and the program dies. Well, here's my unfinished picture, it's better than nothing I guess. Blargh. I will color this sometime probably, but not today, it's just to tiresome doing it twice in a row, sorry.
403 The Grace of Combat - DuskyEclipse

Got Rarity there dancing around as she summons gems and of course there's Applejack plowing her way through them to make some ground. They have two very different styles.
404 Commission: A bunch of OCs fighting an Ursa Major - Send 'em to the moon! - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

A little under a week ago, I received a commission request for a group of OC ponies fighting an Ursa Major. Today's theme inspired me to get the commission started, but I only had time today to get it sketched and inked. I'll color it later. Also, here's a little song to go with the piece: """ Alicorn with a sword. Send her to the moon! Zebra with a bow. Send him to the moon! Dude with lots of pears. Send him to the moon! Dice-thrower with cool shades. Send him to the moon! Blacksmith with a titanic hammer. Send him to the moon! Cowardly botanist with flowers. Send him to the moon! Angry Ursa Major. Send it to the moon! A bunch of baby ducks. Send them to the moon! """ The sketch took about 2 hours to draw and ink.
405 - Arcum

This is only a WIP this wasn't meant to be a full thing. I mostly just wanted to see how far I could go in a limited amount of time.
406 Pony Fighter - Troy Jacobsen

407 Lost at Sea We Three Be - Slowter

Lost at Sea, We Three Be, Adrift on the Endless Ocean./ When night creeps, we fall sleep, while rocked by the motion./ Endless waves of blue and green, are truely all to be seen./ Which way north, which way South, none to know where we've been./ Families weep, but none speak, their words lost at sea./ Where we three, will forever be, questionably free.
408 Rugby Pony - Tobibrocki

Not sure if this fits but it was fun drawing it. Also, I didn't really think much about the Brand names on the Billboards, so, naturally some are really bad. Hope you guys have a good laugh! ;)
409 Face Your Fear - Paradigm Pizza

410 Fluttershy 5 - Josef

Having a conflict with the bear. But she decided to just "end" it all :P
411 Grizzly Grisly Bristles - Poniker

ATG Day 7: pony facing conflict/Draw a pony locked in "grizzly" combat. Puns are fun. But not for wizards.
412 The Pastry War - Nathan Thomas

Well, I must admit, I procrastinated on this one, so I am disappointed with the outcome. Be as many problems was there, I will not miss anymore days after that late start! So here it is, the great pastry war!
413 Dashie's Peanut Butter Conflict - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

Is it funny that her most intense conflict involves trying to make a simple sandwich?
414 Sorry, its messed up - tortilla wallet

sorry its messed up, i couldnt erase around the edges of the brown pony because i was being rushed. my dad want to turn the internet off.
415 Rarity and Rainbow Dash Argue - Dixie

It's...an emotional conflict! That Rainbow might be about to turn into a physical one.
416 Element of Loyalty - Dane W.

Realized I forgot to color RD's Cutie Mark in the last one. DERP! Fixed.
417 Conflicted - Night

418 Derpy's Conflict - Mike

Which is the tougher decision: one particular muffin, or the fact that nopony's guarding the table full of muffins?
419 Angry Fluttershy - Maxcube

The Stare
420 last stand - david vazquez

the sahdows honestly were not expected, they just sorta happened when i took the picture, idk about you guys but i like it :3 i missed day 6 so i made the pony smile to make up for it
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