441 - Flutterhoof Solardusk

442 Timberwolf Ambush - Truce

The. Worst. Possible. Thing.
443 Ponified Annabelle -- My Name's Annabelle! - Alexander Johnson

You heard her folks. Her name is Annabelle, not Twilight.
444 The End of the Moon Princess - vonbon strangle

The End of my second favorite Character im sad that the First time i draw her i kill her and mess up her color because a pencil was falsely labeled. Better luck next time. Combat!!!
445 Clash - Alex Reyes

Almost didn't make if this time around I am running out of time to try and come up with something each day...
446 Tag Team - TheSolitarySandpiper

Trixie and Twilight team up to face an Ursa Major.
447 - Bittersweet Harmony

ultimately pathetic had to get something up
448 The Menacing and Intimidating Trixie - Luigi

Trixie faces down a "grizzle (I guess) problem.
449 Sisterly Love - TractionPony

450 Inner Conflict - vonbon strangle

Inner conflict within Rainbow dash Mare or Stallion, Straight or Gay. Which one should she choose.
451 Jack Kenobi and Rainbow Fett - Wheelz567

I had this idea for a long time. First time at backgrounds too. So that's why they're not that amazing. I could have really touched this up more, but I just didn't have enough time. Still was fun putting that Mandalorian armor on Dash ^_^
452 Conflicted pinkie - Lassa

Pinkie is conflicted with cake!
453 Trixie casts Fire3! - Ordinary Differential Equation

There's a bear just to the right. Props if you recognise her cape claspy thingy and mad props if you've been watching Phoe's LP of it.
454 Mourning Celestia - John Davidson

Celestia wondering if her decision to banish Luna was the correct one. This is directly after the battle so Celestia is wounded. Her mind is in conflict right after a physical conflict! (a bit of blood there... I hope that doesn't count as a ocean of blood...)
455 Maremasa: The Discord Blade - HoovesLikeJagger

456 Diamond Horn Juggernaut Pony - BronyZ

Been wanting to cross MLP with Tribes for awhile now. A team Diamond Horn juggernaut with telekinesis mortar. It occurs to me that if she's gotta go fast, though, her hair should probably be moving a bit.
457 Bionic Faaaaaaaaarm! - RionTwist

I know I'm hoping for a Daring Do skin in Fighting is Magic! (Even without the hat it'd be soooo awesome /)^3^(\ ) too bad the picture is so rushed.
458 The battle at the beginning - Canvas Painter

"We are the protectors of this realm. Any threat that might come across this universe will be challenged by our combined might. The love we share, the many souls, and so much more will cause their demise. Truest evil cannot understand the handles of compassion, in so it will die away into the nothing it is. "
459 A Goddesses's Plight - AaronMk

The result of a lot of Crusader King's 2. And also wanting something of a a MLP mod for the game. It'd be awesome to have a chance to usurp Celestia from power. And in Crusader King's style: the perpetrator is a four-year old filly prince. Also, that is not blood coming out of Celestia's neck. Merely the result of layer effects. I know someone's gonna pick at it.
460 Day 7 - Sam

I wonder how many of this pun we'll see tonight
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