521 Sweetie Belle: Creature Catcher! - TopGull

A look into the imaginations of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, where epic adventures are only a blanket and a laundry basket away.
522 Fighting the Changelings - Copper

This took MUCH longer than I thought it would when making the initial sketch, but it turned out pretty well.
523 Derpy's Wormy Muffin - Dash-o-Salt

Derpy is disappointed. Her muffin was so tasty, but now it has a worm! She should really throw it away, but she just can't. She's so conflicted.
524 Bring it! - Daley Doodle

I tried doing it in a Shounen style, with more 'grizzled' lines and rough look. I had fun with this one. :3
525 Saxton Bale VS M. Bison - Broken Logic

Saxton (Cave Ivanson) Bale versus M. Bison! Ready? Fight! "SAXTOOON BAAAAAAALE" His cutie mark is a broken window.
526 2 left. Which do you choose? - Fluffy

I rushed it and payed for it by forgetting her mane. Still, not bad for only an hour. So, when you only have 2 left and either one could be the bomb, which do you choose?!?
527 Pony Souls - Semicolon Dash

528 Brothers in a "Grizzly" bout - Jaanai Ballesteros

its a lame joke yes. lol =P
529 Confliction - Kurt Smith

Shining Armor turned out pretty well... but I admit that I pretty much traced him. I found a reference picture and drew it and hardly altered it. But still, it's the best tracing job I've done so far. :P
530 Intergalactic Conflict - BowTiesAreCool

Busy day so there wasn't much effort in this one but I promised myself I'll have a drawing for every day of this event and I'm not breaking that promise.
531 Screwattack + EQD - Chaos15

Drew this for ScrewAttack and it applies to the theme. So I might as well put it here :D Craig and Seth locked in TF2 combat!
532 Fighting the Darkness - Alexzstrazsa

Finally putting that big ol' chunk of metal to use!
533 Battle Scene - Cool_Blues

534 What A Pickle... - Kudos

Without magic, an epic battle ensues...
535 The Ultimate Conflict - Jeremyrush

No one has ever made it out of this fight uninjured. With a 40% fatality rate, the classic Ketchup vs Catsup fight is one of the most dreaded encounters of everyday grocery shoppers.
536 To press or not to press... - Sean M. Swindon

My sixth submission to NATG. New character I made, Natural Disaster. Poor pony can't leave things well enough alone without causing trouble. He really tries to help. Kinda sad. Don't know why I thought this up...
537 How Did It Go So Wrong? - DCHorror

538 Great vs. Powerful - Beepin

Hey! I'd really appreciate it if you were to head on over to my DA profile and give me some feedback! http://beepin.deviantart.com/
539 But i really want to - Heartbeat

I was busy all day so i quickly garbed what was available and took a shot at hand drawing one for once
540 Trixie vs. Shuma-Gorath - PrinnyWesker

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