561 EQD NATG Day7 - PaladinDrakkenwolf - PaladinDrakkenwolf

Round 3
562 Inner Demons - Invidlord

Night Flurry's greatest foe is his own lack of confidence. His inner struggles to overcome that voice that tells him he can't and isn't good enough are his most difficult challenges.
563 Rock-em Sock-em - Gilded

Just an OC of mine and a friend's. Take it Lafawnduh! hehe Really enjoyed this one, wish I'd had more time.
564 Ease pawunch! - Miles Williamson

Wow! first time ever doing a pony in any form of action, let alone 2 in the same picture. Progress, progress, progress!
565 The Great Pony War - Forger

I hope ponies won't have a world war...
566 Sir Hugs A Lot - PropertyOfPinkiePie

Sir Hugs A Lot has a misleading name... I feel sorry for that bear
567 Visage of Greed - Timothy K.

Why must I feel this way...?
568 Unbearable Tension - Hawklaser

Fluttershy's friend Harry told two friends about the excellent massage he received, and the Spa Twins just had to turn it into a "Grizzly" competition to see who was the better masseuse. How long till the bears tell two more friends?
569 Incomplete Darkest Hour - Soulnar

Dear Princess, Whoever reads this, yes your a princess now, no i dont care what your gender is Today i learned that you shouldent try to do something that will take far to long to complete when you only have a day. What/who's not in the peice thats supposed to: The Diamond Dogs The Flim Flam Brothers in a bi-plane that shoots apples Garble, (the teen red dragon) More of whatever the monser is Shadeing effects and spike Il definitly have to get back to this another time Your faithful student Soulnar
570 Pinkie's tough choice - Piko

Could you decide if you could only have one?
571 Interruption at the party - Maddog10_20

All he wanted to do was attend a nice normal party and this is what happens. Unfortunately for Discord, Ripple has a metal plate embedded in his skull from a previous encounter with a less then friendly piece of heavy machinery.
572 RD vs AJ - DrinkEvilTea

Nothing special, just Rainbow vs Applejack about to fight :P I hope I'm getting better at this :o
573 Day 7 (KHpony) - David Schlott

Done on 3ds, not sure about color scheme but pretty happy about it
574 Bareback Rider - Natry

575 No were to run - Eder

Took forever to finish all the changlings
576 Ninja AJ - Wesley

didn't have time to color
577 "Pony facing conflict - Dave10772

The Legend of Celestia: Lyre of Time. Here, Princess Luna fights off a Timberfos in the Everfree Forest Maze. Yay, Ponies with weapons!
578 Bear Season (ft. Phoe) - Rekiara

Whelp, it's a bit of a stretch to claim this is within the bounds of the theme; but I'll be damned if it wasn't the first thing to come to mind at the thought of "grizzly" combat. Fans of Phoe's "Pony Fantasy VI" LP should get it; apologies to everyone else.
579 CREEPER!- day 7 - fivernineteen

I decided to ponyfy minecraft today, so there is steve about to battle a creeper. I think it turned out quite well.
580 Soup? Salad? Soup? Salad? Soup? Salad? - Phil Coast

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