641 Sarsaparilla Surprise Assault - Gemini Shadows

I was considering doing another piece because I knew that I would run out of time and wind up not finishing this thing, but I just couldn't think of anything else to do. So, yeah, this is what I ended up uploading. I felt that some of the panels came out fantastically, some not so much. It was an interesting experience regardless of how it came out since I did new things such as sketching up thumbnails of the panels and everything ahead of time. Anyway, I feel that I need to explain what is going on due to the current lack of dialogue and effects, or else this isn't going to make sense. The character here is a friend's OC, Sarsaparilla Sunset (name based on the Sunset Sarsaparilla from Fallout: New Vegas). To fit the character, I figured having her on the causing side of the conflict would make more sense. Here, she is scoping out a target to assault with her exploding sarsaparilla bottle and, upon finding one, strikes! I'm planning on finishing it up at a future date. Enjoy.
642 En garde. Pret. Allez - Squidman, Lane Oholendt

Please disregard my original entry, I uh... forgot something... Cut me some slack, wont you? It's 2 AM...
643 Combat dummy Fail - Bryant Ramirez

Honestly this is what i would do if i ever used one of those combat dummies.
644 Rings Fight - TrentMK

645 Pony vs Grizzly Wrestling - Ask Trailblazer (Dreamy Cloud)

Pony vs grizzly wrestling match! Done in about 20 minutes before getting some sleep.
646 Not Your Element - Qebehsenuef

647 Octavia rallies the troops! - WickedBrew

648 Locked in grizzly combat? Buck it- not enough time! - DDD Licious

I drew this in like 10 minutes because atm I have no time at all. I just thought I must, I must, I MUST continue participating in this.
649 The throne - Scott Nigel

Bit late, sorry. But damned if I miss a day.
650 It's that time again... - Thunder Dash

Pony facing conflict? This scene is a reference to Higurashi When They Cry. I won't spoil the context, but there is definitely a meaning behind it, instead of just being arbitrary.
651 Combat dummy Fail Colored - Bryant Ramirez

Here it is colored, my first ever colored drawing =D
652 Portal combat - Clair Luree

I took "combat" as the perfect excuse to draw a crossover with my other obsession, Portal. : D
653 CMC Amateur Gladiators yay! - Ryuuou

654 Crying OC - Eduardo Rosales

It is really a WIP because I want to add a broken hearth on the left. Hope you enjoy it even when is crying :)
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