81 - NuclearGooby

82 The Seed of Discord - An-chan

Headcanon and princesses again. Discord has stolen the Elements of Harmony for the very first time and Luna and Celestia are about to engage him in battle. He knows he's going to lose, but he has sown the seed of discord into Luna's heart, which was essentially his plan all along. Neither Princess will be able to wield the Elements when he makes his comeback, giving him a free reign. Or so he thought. Celestia is too smart for him. But anyway.
83 Kinda Stronghold Legends but not. - Ervin L. Maprangala

Wanted to make it big but when school takes my time ...well Rush until I can make one...I really wanna include canterlot but ha! I ALWAYS RUN OUT OF TIME.
84 A Date With the Hangman - MrDriftwood

I have a feeling as the topics get harder and harder the quality of my work will take a nosedive.
85 Team Changeling's blasting off again! - Fadri

86 Twilight Sparkle is best Väinämöinen - PaskaNaakka

87 Snowbelle's Smile Part 2 - Nico Bamford

The reason for Snowbelle's smile yesterday. Turns out she was smiling because everyone (everypony) was fighting. This distracted Evil long enough but you can't sneak up on a keyblade master... or what ever Evil is.
88 OH NO! A BEAR! - Nico Bamford

I apologise for the rooms decor, I sorta, kinda, rushed this. Also, I'm not an artist, GO FIGURE! Anyway, this is my OC as a foal using his imagination.
89 The BIT Sisters: Protection - GamemasterTom

16-BIT will protect her little sister, no matter what.
90 Trixie About To Battle The Ursa Major - Gallant Tempest

The idea behind this picture is that Trixie, after "Boast Busters", has been travelling around Equestria and training for several months, and has since returned to Ponyville to prove that she is great and powerful by defeating the Ursa Major single-hoofed.
91 Boltshock - Connor Holling

Pony in combat
92 Blame It On The Bunny - Jack Dodd

kind of a conflict...
93 Littlepip - Avossk

Yay! I know how to pick up a pencil and stab it on a piece of paper! :D
94 Lyra (hands...NoBODY stands in the way!) - Alex Finn

sorry for double upload had to change something with humans mouth :S
95 Power armor pie - dany

Gotta love ponies in power armor no?
96 Pony in a "grizzly" combat - Brent Syphus A.K.A cyber5555

Fluttershy in a "grizzly" fight.
97 I didn't know someone owned these Apples! - John Herblore

Go AJ! Show that Thief whose apples ain't for free sampling! This NATG made me make pony version of my Story's main character in to pony version........I REGRET NOTHING!
98 Derpy Conflict - zztfox

What will Derpy do?
99 A Beautiful (Brave)Heart - Jimmy

You can take my life, but you'll never take my BUNNIES!
100 Combat for NATG - Sallin

asdfghjkl Lots of ponies is hard. ;_;
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