1 Nightmare Night pumpkin - Sin'dorei Pony

2 - Noah Johnson

3 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Hawkeye92

Carved for the 2014 event but only finished well after the deadline had passed. Still pretty happy with it though.
4 Derpy Pumpkin - Hawkeye92

A spare pumpkin I had lying around well into November 2014- thought I might as well carve it. This was a first for me at using pins as a tool, used for the cutie mark. Not a lot of contrast for the camera to pick up but it looked good in person.
5 Princess Luna Jack-O'-Lantern - Robert Ian

I have plenty of Princess Luna Soulcalibur 4 and 5 videos on my channel =] Anyway my camera didn't capture the video that well here some links to pictures of my Princess Luna carving. Ps the Pumpkin in the Middle is Captain Blueberry Buckaroos cutie mark, Lunas future husband lol ;) http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m149/bk-77-7/PrincessLuna1A_zpsad124061.jpg?1445463086351&1445463088075&1445463092379 http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m149/bk-77-7/PrincessLuna5B_zpseb97d324.jpg?1445463086346&1445463088059&1445463092365
6 Nightmare Moon Pumpkin - Jenna Shoehorn Duck

This is my first time doing a pumpkin carving like this and I may or may not have gotten a small cut cause of it XD Oh and I'm a duck :3
7 Fluttershy's Stare + Angel - Bunnycake

Considering that Halloween is about all things "scary," but my passion is for all things "cute," I decided to carve cute Fluttershy doing "THE STARE!" And then, as a bonus, I also carved Angel to go beside her looking unamused as usual. (/¬.¬\)
8 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Taylor Ward

9 Applejack Pumpkin - Taylor Ward

10 Luna over moon - timberrwolf

11 Rarity Pumpkin - Caroline

12 Midnight Sparkle - John

This looked a lot less like ancient Greek pottery in my head.
13 Halo 4 - Nathan Young

14 Twilight's Cutie Mark - Nathan Young

15 Mare in the Moon (Luna's Banishment) - Nathan Young

16 Failed Pinkamena - Meanlucario

The thing in the lower right corner is the original design.
17 Fashion Plate - Michael Rice

of Cosmare Magazine
18 Pinkie (Pumpkin) Pie - Steven Anderson

19 Mad Tea Party - Vulpes

Original artwork by Esuka. One of my favorites, had to give making a jack o lantern out of it a try.
20 Starlight Glimmer Pumpkin - archiveit1

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