21 Party Favor Pumpkin - archiveit1

22 Equality Ponies - archiveit1

I'm starting to think I went a bit overboard with adding text to my pumpkins this year.
23 The Great and Powerful Pumpkin - MarcterChief

24 Fluttershy Halloween - Michael

25 The fun has been doubled! - atelok

26 Zecora is comming for you! - atelok

27 - Zelda Shaw

28 Nightmare Moon - Nstone53

Back for more pony pumpkins! Woo!
29 Cutie Mark Crusaders Cutie Marks Pumpkin! - CMC_Scootaloo

Here it is, my entry for this year's Annual Pumpkin Event of Equestria Daily! And what better could I have chosen for this year's pumpkin than the fresh (and still warm) cutie marks of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle? Exactly, nothing! I just had to make their cutie marks for this year! Unfortunately, I didn't turn out too well. No, even quite miserable. Drawing their cutie marks is harder than one might think and drawing them on a pumpkin and then carving them adds to the difficulty. And I tremendously failed with my first time here. At least they are somewhat recognizeable..... But I swear I'll be doing this next year again! For the 1 Year Anniversary of them getting their cutie marks I will make pumpkins with their cutie marks again and use my initial idea I had with three pumpkins! Next time they will turn out better, I have more experience now and I will take more time for them then!
30 Madame Detective - John

7 hours to carve. 90 minutes to photograph.
31 Derp-O-Lantern - Granpa Pony

I fell in love with this design from CeeMDee. So the design is his. This is my first attempt at carving something other than a traditional pumpkin face. I'd also like to figure out why a white light bulb turns a fake orange pumpkin filled with yellow foam RED! The higher the wattage of the bulb, the redder this thing gets.
32 Derp-O-Lantern (rear view) - Granpa Pony

The back side of my Derp-O-Lantern
33 Cutie Mark Crusaders Pumpkin - Johwee

Started carving this thing about 12 hours before the deadline :D
34 - keemon

this is my first carving so please be gentle and say if it is good
35 Pony Pumpkin - Midnight Rush

36 Who's got my rusty horseshoe? - Nman625

A carving of everyone's favorite (right?) spooky campfire character, the Olden Pony! I hope it is to your liking. ^-^
37 Nightmare moon Pumpkin - Hawkeye92

First of my pumpkin carvings for 2015 and just barely scraping into the deadline for this year's gallery! this is a carving of Nightmare Moon, the pattern drawn onto the pumpkin in charcoal before carving with a stanley knife.
38 Flutterbat Pumpkin - Catherine

This is the second time I have done a My Little Pony pumpkin carving, but the first time I actually entered it into the pumpkin carving event. I did Flutterbat, since it seemed to fit the theme of the season. I know that she is popular for Halloween submissions, but why not?
39 - joseph powell

40 Pumkin Carving 2015 - HorizonsBound

The date snuck up on me, so quick Luna carving.
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