41 Owlowiscious Pumpkin - Eloise

42 Sweetie Bot - L4R63N7

43 You Will Stay Awake - Andrew Malarenko

This is surprisingly my second pumpkin carving in the past 2 years since I was 8 years old 17 years ago This pumpkin also marks my third year being in the fandom. as for the idea that i got for this pumpkin was during my time at Bronycon 2015 where i meet Midnameowfries in person and purchased her print Most Evil.
44 Kefentse-O'-Lantern - quantum_pone

Kefentse is the mascot of Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder
45 Teen Angst Horse Pumpkin - Sarah

Spoooooooky! Sorry we're late, hope this still makes it in!
46 Parasprite Pumpkin - Eloise

47 Apple Jack with Pumkins - Kim Martin

48 Pinkie Pie Pumpkin - PinkiePie97

I also have another picture of it. I'd rather you at least post the first one, but if you want to post the second one, It's titled More Pinkie Pie Pumpkin File: http://orig13.deviantart.net/b844/f/2015/303/d/3/more_pinkie_pie_pumpkin_by_pinkiepie097-d9eyg8z.jpg Page: http://pinkiepie097.deviantart.com/art/More-Pinkie-Pie-Pumpkin-569317571 And in case you're wondering why my DeviantArt name doesn't exactly match the name I'm signing as, it's because someone took that name on DA and pretty much wasted it. I usually go by PinkiePie97 online,
49 Giggle at the Ghosties - Valeria Jones

My second pumpkin, Pinkie Pie, Giggle at the ghosties.
50 Luna is Best Pumpkin - Valeria Jones

I love this pumpkin because when it turns, it looks like the moon is turning in the sky. I was inspired by The Children of the Night Video that was on Youtube, and I took a screen shot as my model. This was my first pumpkin carving
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