1 One of these is not like the Others - Daniel Munoz

2 Applejack and Dixie - Sheep

3 - Bonus Round

My sister's pomeranian, Creampuff, loves to steal my small Octavia plush whenever she can. The strange thing is, out of the entire collection, she only likes Octavia...
4 Apple Bloom & Crawlspace - Brass Polish

Crawlspace is a very distracting animal. Sometimes she meows too much and one can't record audio. Sometimes she's hyper and running around the house tripping people. Sometimes she's lying down quietly and silently judging you as she gives you a cold stare. And she doesn't like when people stop petting her. She'll try and grab your hand with her claws if you pull back. And deep scratches certainly are distracting.
5 Octavia & Octavia - Ashton Peck

My 7-week-old kitten Octavia, and the pony she's named after!
6 The Great Wall of Ponies + spooky cat - LeWuut

My cat is around 1-2 months old and is very "playful". She literally bites everything in site and the only way I got her to sit still for this picture was to put one of her toys right in the middle of all the ponies.
7 And then I was like "A ferret?!" Are you crazy?" - Stormy

8 Hanging with my doggo - Pencil Sketch

Just sitting with my bud Actually uploaded this on my extremely old DA account, havent been on it in years haha Anywho my instagram is _nanomaly_ if ya wanna see my less crappy recent art. (Plushie is made my DaFreckles Plush Ponies)
9 - dandelions

Ponies and guinea pigs are probably my two main passions, and although the other eleven of my piggies don't get cages decked out in a bunch of pony things, Cinnamon and Leafie here certainly do! Cinnamon is the darker one, and Leafie is the white one.
10 Investigative - Shade Runewriter

Curious doge.
11 Pepperdance and Betty - Amanda Bonner

12 Kirby Meets Fleety - Dreamer

13 Derpy Dog - Legomaniack

Unlike my other dogs, the questionably intelligent 3 legged dog did not notice/ care about the plushie.
14 Twilight and Trixie's Terrific Turtle (and Fish) Time - Nathan

15 My Dog and Derpy - Tim

16 Kitty Cat with Ponypox! - Jarrah Hooves

My cat is essentially the boss of my household. What she says goes. She wants food? She gets it. She wants to sleep on that brand new shirt? She will. She wants to sit in front of your monitor even though you're trying to finish that essay that's due tomorrow? She will. I think you get the picture. However she has suddenly come down with a mysterious case of the ponypox, brought on by her intense lap-sitting while I've been watching the latest season of MLP
17 the great and powerful companion - silver chance

18 Princess Jeb - mollldoll

19 The Excited Cat With His Trixie. - S-apphiiree

This is my cat Milo. As you can see, he really likes his Trixie.
20 Twilight and Trixie's Excellent Adventure! - Silver Yuno

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