21 Can I keep her, Rarity - Josh Kennedy

22 Prince Fringe Azul with Princess Luna - Bryan Purdey

23 Ewok and Trxie - Sporemane

My dog Ewok with Trixie
24 Lyra and Charlotte - MegaZachStarr

I didn'tt just go outside and find this bird I actually own 3 Homing Pigeons.
25 Ammy and Twilight - Eighty_Five-the_Pegasus

Just my hamster Ammy and a Twilight Sparkle toy.
26 Two cats with their Trixie - S-apphiiree

Cats & Trixie. The internet in a nutshell.
27 Hammie x Trixie - Person

28 Dashie and Shelby - Rainbow Pastel

I went to look for my cat to get a picture with Rainbow Dash and I caught her laying on my brother's bed. Shelby is not supposed to be in his room. She's got that busted look on her face XD
29 Trixie and Shelby - Rainbow Pastel

This one goes out to you Seth ;)
30 Ćwirek & Pinkie Pie - Robikz

He talks to pony plushies.
31 Ćwirek & Rainbow Dash - Robikz

Only one of them is winged.
32 Equines and Felines - Orelover13

33 My Dog - MoonLuck

34 Just being celestia - Kirbymijumaru

The goddess of the sun can do what she pleases
35 Dude, what is this? - Kirbymijumaru

When you introduce your pets for the first time to ponies
36 In memory of 13 years of loyalty - Kirbymijumaru

The only last thing that i can do for such a good friend, is to make honor of her name for the last time. For being the best pet you could ask for, rest in peace Darksy
37 - Ayudrs

6 weeks old cockatiel. We decided to call him turtle, because I like to hold him in my palm with only his head sticking out (so he is a turtle). And he was the only bird I could get to stand there for more than a second. He also loves to bite things (after taking the photo he tore up the Tank outfit I put on my beanie baby.)
38 - MoodRaiser

Blurry images gets you nowhere. I know, I'm not gonna win
39 Fluttershy and Summer - SilverLugia

It seems Fluttershy paid me a visit and found one of my two cats that I keep as pets, this one is named Summer and she can be very vocal, especially when it comes to wanting attention and food. She's also very fond of lying on towels, especially when they're fresh from the dryer.
40 Fluttershy and Aeris - SilverLugia

Here we see Fluttershy with my other pet cat, this one is named Aeris ( For those wondering, I was playing Final Fantasy 7 when I first got her, hence the name.) Aeris is a very quiet kitty with a high pitched meow and lots of fur. If the mood hits her right, she'll cuddle up next to you and purr loudly. Not so bad on cold winter nights, but all that fur next to you can be a problem during hot summer nights.
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