41 Ponies and Pets Entry 2016 - Kidapult

This is my dog Blackberry! She's a French Bulldog that I've had since kindergarten. She was nice and cooperative while I took the picture but she was really confused though. I gave her a treat afterwards for posing with the ponies.
42 The beats the will pierce the heavens! - Limie Pie

43 - Jeff Jefferson

44 Samson and Fluttershy - Dramapony

45 Dusty with Fluttershy - DustyTheCat

Here is a picture of my cat, Dusty, with a brushable Fluttershy toy! Fluttershy is great with animals, isn't she? She can even tame the gigantic cat beast... No, actually, Dusty is about as tame as cats come anyway. She's more of a teddy bear than a cat, except she's warmer than a teddy bear and purrs when I pet her. Bonus: There's a Lyra beanie plush in the background on top of a cat plush and in front of a book about cats! Lots of ponies and cats here...
46 - ICanSnake

My black kitty cat was sitting obediently at the top of the stairs so I decided, "Why don't I introduce you to one of my other friends?" So I grabbed my other friend (my most favorite pony) and brought her to the top of the stairs too. Lightning Dust, meet Chewy!
47 MLP Flutterbat figure with ferrets - Blue Fflames

These are my pet ferrets and they like to play around a lot,hence the way the picture was taken
48 Lola <3 Fluffle - Hannah

49 "Lluvia" with Applejack - Matías Peñaloza

50 Snuggle Time - Josh Kennedy

51 Dragon Selfie - Georgia

52 Pinkie and Gummy - Georgia

Gummy changed colour!!
53 We shall rule the night! - Georgia

Sorry for poor phone quality!
54 - Johnny the Pony

55 - Johnny the Pony

56 - Johnny the Pony

57 My little pony and my little chihuahua - Silent Wings

sorry about the low quality :/
58 Lazy Afternoons and Lotje - Anne

My OC Lazy Afternoons with my pet cat Lotje. I could also take a picture with her sister but she was running around lol. I wish I could've taken a picture with Theodor instead. He was such a lovely friend. RIP! I added Theodor in as a memorial! <3 I'll also take Lazy with me to make a picture for Ponies around the World. Stay tuned! -Anne.
59 Laying On The Ass - Frith

Fresh ass, born last Sunday, very soft. And that's how crochet Applejack gets the critters to take their nap down on the farm! Flickr makes getting a direct link difficult. I had to "view page source" and fish this out of all the code.
60 - RandøBrø

This is Trix 'n my cat named Misha =v
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