61 Doctor and Flutters with Checkers and Lemon - Jimjams

11th Doctor: Uh fluttershy are you sure this is a safe massage....? Fluttershy: Oh don't worry they are sweethearts. Just 2 of my ponies with my 2 ball pythons Checkers and Lemon. We have cats and a dog but I thought I would do something out of the ordinary.
62 Applecat - Frank Firek

63 Skye and Dash - DavinciWolf

64 Dinah and Trixie - DavinciWolf

65 - CyberPon3

This is my cat Sasha. I tried to get her to pose, but she ain't havin' none of that.
66 Scarlet and her new Great and Powerful Friend - Derek Heiberger

67 Mo the cat with Rarity - ThreeScoops

68 Mystery the cat with Trixie - ThreeScoops

If Trixie isn't afraid of the Ursa Major, then I doubt she'd be afraid of this fluffy feline.
69 Kiki & Mane 6 chilling in the sun - Faiko

70 Mac and Bliss - Sphynn

Our corn snake Mac & Cheese playing with his pal Lightning Bliss.
71 Dirk bird-watching with Princess Celestia - Sphynn

Our cat Dirk watching birds with Princess Celestia.
72 Kitty Cuddling with Fluttershy - Bridleway

This is my cat Dusty. He's as cute as he is mischievous. Dusty earned his name because the first time I saw him, he ran into a nearby dustpan and started swatting the dust bunnies. He's extremely friendly and lovable. At this very moment, he's lying on my lap and purring while I write this. People say dogs are mare's best friend but with Dusty, it's the complete opposite. He's the most loyal companion I've ever known. Whenever I'm feeling depressed or stressed, he'll jump up on my lap and purr as if he's trying to cheer me up. Just like Fluttershy, I have a special connection with my little guy.
73 My Best Buddy - SUP3R Toastr

Just a picture of my cat, Tilly, hugging my Soarin blind bag figure.
74 Staring Contest - SUP3R Toastr

My cat, Tilly, again. This time she's unsure of what to make of my Funko Pop Doctor Hooves figure.
75 It was hissssterical - Normal

corn snake plus discord
76 Gizmo and Rainbow Dash - Angel Molina

Here is my dog Gizmo sleeping with a Rainbow Dash plush. He's so cute! :3
77 AJ and Meredith - Aaron

This is my dog Meredith. She 14 years old and still a ball of energy. She is very loving and a fantastic addition to our family. I barely got her to sit still because she kept wanting to knock down AJ. Guess she's not a big fan of ponies. I'm sure she'll come around :)
78 Ponypony - Hulkbow SMASH!

My little butthead sporting a Dashie cutie mark pin. Loads of attitude in this small package, but a good kid at heart.
79 Party Pooper Kitty - Keira Wikingi

This is my pegasister kitty Misty shes been obsessed with ponies since 2014 she plays with the tails of the pony toys a lot cheeky and naughty at times but I love her
80 Rainbowdash with fish - Rednev444

My Rainbowdash plushie with my various tropical fish. They don't have names as theres too many of them to give a different name to.
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