81 my dog have a favorite - Svadilfare

82 CatDash - Cat

The cat's name is Cat.
83 Melody and Sweetie Bell enjoying the sunshine - Dublyn Tea

84 Sonic Lens Flare - IronDashie

Well there's not much to say much to say about my dog, Ben. He is an Old English Sheepdog, living here in Ireland, and for his size he is very camp, compared to other dogs that is. He is strangely a very good house dog and as you can see in the picture I can place a toy on his head without him even trying to eat it! It's not very clear in the image but he has one black and one white eye which I think is very cool! Even weirder he has perfect eyesight, excluding his hair that covers his eyes almost completely during the winter. He is about 7 years old and if we didn’t adopt him, unfortunately he would have been put down. I hope this passage will suffice as a good description (sorry if it’s a bit vague) and I look forward to seeing everyone else’s pets! If there is another Ponies n’ Pets I will defiantly post him shaved as that, my friend, is a sight to behold!
85 Ponies and Pets 2016 - Justin

Thank you!
86 When Dash met Hamster - JMoltenlyre

87 Pichy meets Scoots - Steve Piranha

A rare case where Pichy is chilling, otherwise I wouldn't dare to put any of my little ponies near her. She'd rip them apart XD
88 Exploring the Backyard Jungle - SUP3R Toastr

Tilly decides she wants to go on an adventure and brings along a few friends for the ride!
89 The Battle For Naptime! - Candi

Deathwing is enjoying an evening nap. Unbeknownst to her, Shining Armor is standing guard, ready to fight off Celestia's evil sun. No brightness shall awake the sleeping lizard!
90 Happy the cat with Princess Cadance! - cadenzaluna

91 Flutter Pup - Thevenin Volts

92 Ponies and Pets 2016 #2 - Justin

93 Jack the cat with Princess Luna! - cadenzaluna

94 Spooky the cat with Starlight Glimmer! - cadenzaluna

95 Dj Dash - Michael Harmon

Our dog Dj And a rainbow dash toy.
96 Pinkie and the giant - Creeperismc

97 Pinkie plays wit' Chickens - Creeperismc

98 My husky pup Whiskey with his favorite ponies - ShiningNova

99 Crab on Applehorse - LibbytheKautz

100 Storm and Twilight Sparkle - shoyrumaster11

My pet cat Storm with a Twilight Sparkle soft toy I bought a while back... She doesn't seem to like it very much!
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