101 DJ and Skaar - TehFyd0

102 - Ael

Twilight and Rumble.
103 - Quick Stamp

Themis and Kita took the challenge for being Rainbow Dash's Best Pet Ever in replacement for Tank during winter. Obviously, they couldn't keep up with her...
104 Who are you? - Jan Modic

105 Hachiko and Pinkie Pie - Dr. Pie Dre

106 Derpy and Buddy - DawnInPonyville

107 Princess Celestia and Princess - DawnInPonyville

108 Let Princess Celestia In - DawnInPonyville

109 Fluttershy and BonBon ♡ - Jared Ong

110 The Grim Retreiver - Revanche

"If you meet the Black Dog once, it shall be for joy; if twice, it shall be for sorrow; and the third time shall bring death." If I say that that's Trixie, do I still get +10 internet points?
111 Ponies & Pets - Itcheeee

Had to do two different photos, cats and guinea pigs don't mix well when all out at the same time. ;) Cat nicely posed with best ponies, and Fluttershy looks so caring for the fluffy piggles <3
112 Daring Do and Spitfire deal with Suzy the 9-Year-Old Goldfish's Lack of Attention Span. - Hyper Dash

Suzy was won at a fair 9 years ago and is still not paying attention to the same fish tank.
113 Posing With Fluttershy! (Purebred Persian Kitten) - ElementalFluttershy★

Mikachu is a purebred Persian. He decided to do a silly pose for me! XD Life-size (45") Plushie made by the amazing Agatrix.
114 Floof and a herd. - Floof Cat

Oops, a day late, probably won't get in. But, here's Floof, with a pile of ponies on him. Enjoy.
115 Vinyl Scratch Meets Lady The Frenchie - IDLift3000

My French Bulldog "Lady" woke up in front of my bedroom door when she suddenly saw Vinyl standing in front of her.
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