181 Trying something new - Dumas Mercado

182 Lyra gets to try something new - AJ aka RatchetGears

A bit of a rush job. Also tried to make a little joke with this assignment. i hope it isnĀ“t too suggestive
183 Stickgag (tries) to WUB - Sean Browning (Stickgag)

I was rushed to do this because I got a party to go to, and won't be back before the time expires XD So I'm not proud of this. So not proud, that it's not going on Deviant Art. OH NOES THAT BAD? I wanted to try Magic this time... so I made my ponysona a unicorn (since I can't imagine an earth pony being a very good DJ) and made his magic green because it matches his eyes, so why not? I had fun with the magic, and I was tired of using references. So I drew this in 15 minutes. I'm going to go party now and forget I ever drew this. LATER
184 Pinkie is being the same as always. - Lomeo

Pinkie Pie discovers that ponchos and sombreros are cool.
185 Music Shop I Can't Brain Today - Douglas Day

I didn't have time to finish this one properly, so i'm a bit disappointed with how it's come out :( Oh well, i'll do better tomorrow!
186 Twilight the photographer - MrWillhart

187 I'll make a pony out of you! - Honey&SaltCookies

Some "reverse cupcakes" here~ Haven't actually ever completed the fic, though.
188 Dashie's New Book - ACanOfTuna

Rainbow Dash what are you reading? CLICK LINK FOR FULL COMIC.
189 Maybe - T-3000

Eeyup, nope... m... ay... be...
190 Save vs. Cute - Dane W.

Nothing special today, just a quick sketch of best poni playing best game. Wish I coulda spent more time here. Curse you, real-world responsibilities!
191 Dashie's Tea Party - Ann

Dashie having a tea party. Poor Tank!
192 Alfalfa, Bleh - John Elliott

Not all food is nice.
193 NATG - Day 8 - Pony Trying Something New - Steady Prism

Rarity trying out new dress... sorry couldn't come up with any better idea for today
194 And not a single effort was made. - The Mad Mike

I don't even know why I bother drawing these.
195 Trixie tries to apologize - Digi Doodle Doo

196 Pinkie Pie Maths NATGD8 - Bullet25

197 Flutterscreamo. - Colin Shaw

Check out my deviantart if you like what you see.
198 Ten Thousand Centimeters Under the Sea - Metaright

Why would Whyspy be snorkeling? A pegasus shouldn't be snorkeling unless she's attempting to gain her cutie mark with her two fellow blank-flanks. See what I did there? And with the title, too!
199 Reading - th8827

My OC, Rozalin, attempting to spend some time studying. For myself, I tried drawing her face from a different angle.
200 Learning to Dive - phallen1

... Okay, phallen1. You can do this. You can take a theme like "a pony trying something new" and make it not be about skydiving. You're strong. You're not that obsessed. Let's do this.
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