301 Sharpshooter is a bad shot with shotgun - Dustin

He normally uses rifles, so a shotgun is new to him. Also it is my first drawing in comic format :)
302 Appleflapjacks - ETech

You may have tried apples, you may have tried flapjacks, but have you tried appleflapjacks? As a bonus, this image fits the theme twice. (Tried out something new for this: hope it worked.)
303 The Pinketeer - Dash-o-Salt

The Pinketeer is ready to assault Cloudsdale!
304 Pony Trying Something New: Celestia - MonochromaticJelly

This IS new to Celestia...right?
305 Trying to find a new friend - Canvas Painter

306 Sleepy Pie - Tony "Giggle Tail" Saylor

Pinkie Pie trying something unusual for her: Napping :P I know this one is kinda lazy, but I nearly forgot about this and had to throw it together at the last minute. Strangely, I like it better than most of my other submissions. Not really sure what to make of that....
307 Not Quite Skating Away - Solitair

Don't ask him why, but Inkwell thought he'd learn how to ice skate. Thankfully he came to the right pony for lessons!
308 Scootaloo Ballet - Nathan Thomas

We never actually saw Scootaloo go to a ballet class, right? So here it is.
309 She Actually Obeys - Callie

Sorry lol i thought this would be a good thing to draw because rainbow never really listens and so i figured it would be a first sorry for not really being original im still learning how to draw them lol
310 What's Old is New Again - Dzone16

Some copypasta from the description on the dA page: I'll admit, it took me a while to think of something for today's prompt. But when I sat down to finally think about it, I turned to YouTube for music and tried to think of something I hadn't heard in a while. AHA! FluttershyElsa's Pony Polkas! Good old Weird Al! That got me thinking about how Al had seen those videos and how fans thought it would be cool if he did a voice on FiM. One head-canon for his role in the show was that he would play as Pinkie's uncle. So, the thought of a distant, beloved uncle of Pinkie's giving her his old accordion was just too good to pass up.
311 Something New - Renaissance Pony

Considering I only submitted small, unshaded, and cartooney pictures, this is a pony doing something different. (Ha look at my name)
312 - Sapphire

313 Ah hate pears... - Alex S

"Whatever you do, dont let me eat pears! I HATE pears!" :P
314 AppleJacks New Hat - DasHHat

Rarity finally convinced AppleJack to swap out her musty old stetson for the height of pony fashion... understanably, AJ is not happy about this! Finally managed to draw ponies without any reference pictures or help guides to help or copy from! (Just Rarity's hair, getting those curls right is important xD) Figuring out what would be in the mirrors was also a blast... just a shame the faces didnt come out right in the reflections, but it's 4am sooo... nah! Thanks for looking!
315 Applejack's New Skill - Mike

I'm trying smaller pics, in hopes of improving basic skills. Still not too happy with how the eyes turned out. Also, people say Rarity is the hardest pony to draw. They are right.
316 Ponytails - Thanqol

pretty pretty ponies
317 CMC Munition Munchers! - Moley

Silly drawing. Not my best but I'm satisfied with this. Had a bit of time to doodle. Was going to make it a hot pepper but this is far more entertaining. (she'll be fine btw).
318 Twilight's New Game - Semicolon Dash

Oh Dashie :3
319 Megamare And the Great And Powerful Dr. Wilie - Broken Logic

"Fillies and gentlecolts, your attention, please. The name's Wilie... The one and only, the great and powerful scientist, Dr. Wilie! It may seem rather sudden to you, but I've decided I'd like to take over the world! Nuhah! Nuhahahaha!" Oh no! Dr Wilie has captured Dr Twilight, and it's up to the blue bomber to save him! Trixie tries a new avenue of entertainment. Video games. Having roped in the help Rainbow Dash, as a reluctant Megamare, and a few others off screen, Trixie promotes the game herself, dressing up as the antagonist, Dr Wilie!
320 twilight discovers slender - david vazquez

i finally got around to research slender, used it for today's drawing
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