341 Rarity and Fluttershy try out hoofwrestling - Nova Spark

342 A gift from Braeburn - JunaE_CBS

All I could think of this theme: trying a new outfit! But... since I knew I'd have severe time restraints, I wouldn't be able to create a new one, so I went for something simpler. Here, Braeburn gave a vest to Applejack, and she's trying it out. Don't you agree it's none too shabby?
343 Something New... - Stacia

344 A-Are you sure this is alright? - Chika

345 Starpony: Let's Try Quiet - HoovesLikeJagger

Sweetie Belle is best Wolf O'Donnell.
346 I'm a crest kinda guy... - Toya Kano

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sup son!! got this finished today! too lazy too colour so don't get mad at me... oh and... WOW, FANTASTIC BABY!!! DANCE WOO HOO!!! I WANNA DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!! that is how i felt after i finished this peice. oh and one more thing... don't you dare get the wrong idea of this... i know how your shippings go... I AM NOT PAIRING TOYA WITH COLGATE!!! tee hee
347 The Art of Singlestick - sa

Twilight practicing the art of singlestick (a form of self-defense with walking sticks and canes) with Spike. I figure learning this form of self-defense would be new for the both of them. The idea was inspired by "Bartitsu" a form of martial-arts from the Victorian era, that educated people from that time would've use and what Sherlock Holmes and Watson used in their fights between criminals.
348 Rarity Tries Something New - Brandon "Sketchin' Etch" Thompson

Rarity discovers that you can create art in just about any form, even if it means getting your hooves dirty.
349 CUPCAKE PUNCHING - Blahdahblah

350 Break All the Records - Forward Bias

Done with a bubbly, animated style, this was crudely pulled together (along with 4 other sketch dumps) in about 45 minutes (of which I'm guessing about 15 went into this.) That said, I don't think RD's quite suited for the quiet game. XD
351 Twilight Sparkle - lolitsaguy

352 Pinkie Tries Broccoli: Part 1 - Mr. Boltitude

353 DJ-PON3 plays Bass - zztfox

You knew it was gonna happen :)
354 Pinkie Tries Broccoli: Part 2 - Mr. Boltitude

355 Artists' Challenges - Slowter

356 Visitor Tries to Eat - 3DD213

357 Pinkie Tries Broccoli: Part 3 - Mr. Boltitude

358 Un-derped? Nah... - 8-Bit64

Only my 8th day drawing ponies. I really wasn't too up for drawing today because I had no clever idea for the theme. Hopefully you guys can read backwards alright... Nevertheless, here it is. Don't pay any mind to the first panel. Just pretend it doesn't exist. The real effort is in panels 2 and 3. That's what you came to see. I'm just terrible at drawing detail at a smaller size. That I'll have to work on. Expect to see ponies in the far background in later submissions, because I need the practice...
359 Applejack tries pineapple - zztfox

Pineapple. Nothing else to say!
360 FlutterRocket - Steven Bain-Smith

Fluttershy decided to do something daring one day: she hopped a ride on a rocket.
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