361 - BLAHBLAH682

362 Chef Dashie - pillowchair

363 Music Roomates - A. Glenn

Sorry for some of the bad blurry parts :(
364 Going for a dip! - Syn_Prototyper

(copypasta from dA) "Pegasus ponies obviously rule the skies, but how would they fare in the water? Here, one goes for it for the first time, but not without some help! x)" ~Caution: Dat background might still make your eyes melt.
365 Trixie vs oranges - Mister Twister

Poni doing something new? Ask, and thou shall receive!
366 - Draco Icarus

Windows has encountered a fatal error and has shut down. It appears that you need to practice drawing more, and that you shouldn't try to use hooves on a keyboard. Press any key to continue.
367 Trying something new! - cloudninja

Thou can not be serious. Honestly I tried to draw her eating it, I really did.
368 Berry Punch's new beverage? - Ryan

Decisions decisions.....
369 Twilight Using New Spell - Xander S

Sorry it not my best, i drew this in a rush after my homework.:/ Figured i should still do something though so i did twilight for the first time, trying out a new spell. I think next time ill stick to ponies i know i can draw when i in a rush. haha. Hope it's at least decent. Enjoy?:)
370 Silly Filly - Nick

In honor of the theme I tried something new: I not only used pencil and paper but drew without any sort of reference whatsoever. Probably a mistake, in hindsight.
371 She prefers Beethooven - TheSapient

Or maybe Clopin.
372 Requires Moaaaaar Riggoooor! - RionTwist

Pinkie "tries" science, causing Twilight to impale one of her favorite books.
373 Twilight the Designer - Dixie

She's trying to work on designs like Rarity. The stress is really getting to her. And no matter what she does, it will turn out looking the same.
374 Ponified Annabelle -- Sushi - Alexander Johnson

I’ve never had sushi and I’m sure no pony has either, including Annabelle.
375 RainbowDash the Mailmare - Slipgate Ranger

Ditzy Doo accidentally injured herself, so Rainbow Dash decided to take Ditzy's place as the local Mailmare. This was done at the very last minute, but I admit, I did kind of have fun drawing Ditzy.
376 A frosted muffin is scarcely a muffin at all! - Trace

Derpy ponders one of life's great mysteries.
377 Applejack: "It's nawt what it looks like! I can explain!" - tehflah

378 Running for Office - Maddog10_20

Went to a Republican Dinner tonight and this is the result. Twilight made her do it.
379 FlutterWaker - Luminous Lead

I'm pretty sure Fluttershy's never tried her hoof (or wing) at being the Hero of Wind before. Inspired by this image http://vikingdreamer.deviantart.com/art/Wind-Waker-Link-ID-132398506 .
380 Needs More WUBS! - PeaceLight

She doesn't know when its enough
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