381 Pinkie Pie Trying to Read - feraldrive

Pinkie Pie tries to read a book. The endeavor proves too difficult. Too many anatomical / proportion errors to be worth inking / coloring. The upside is that the initial sketch is the first pony I've been able to draw without any kind of reference. Plus this only took me about an hour. Made for the Equestria Daily Newbie Artist Training Grounds 2 event.
382 Rarity's First Teleport - BronyZ

I figured that Rarity might could try her hoof at teleporting. This one was done sans-reference.
383 Rarity's Post Teleport Stress Derp - BronyZ

This one is based on a reference of Twilight's teleport in episode 3. Apparently Rarity is not so good at teleporting...
384 Trying Something New - Tobibrocki

Todays my Birthday, I am now 23 (yay!), and Derpy ate all the Muffins already, so, she has to get used to some other Backed goods for the moment! ^^
385 Blank Pony tries something Awkward - Lincoln Chalmers Jr.

Blank Pony tries and awkward pose to both model and draw. Don't judge me... was to lazy to think of something else to draw...was gunna do SCIENCE!
386 - DJ

Rarity's hair is rely hard to get right
387 EQD-ATG Day 8: Pony Trying Something New - Char the Dragon

Rainbow Dash tries science... with cesium, rubidium, and a beaker of water.
388 Is That Supposed To Be A Unicorn? - PieDisliker

I'm sure we can relate, Twilight.
389 Pinkie vs. The Fourth Wall - Night

I dared Pinkie to stay away from the fourth wall. She lasted for about 2 seconds then did this instead!
390 Standup - Ambrose Buttercrust

I love botched punchlines.
391 Pony Diving - Jaanai Ballesteros

Cherry tries Pony Diving!
392 Something New™ Cereal - TornadoGuy123

Now with 10% more fiber!
393 Pinkie Pie's Bonsai - Japanese Teeth

I doubt Pinkie's ever had the patience to attempt a bonsai tree before.
394 Fabudash - Stellarina

Drawing on the compter is hard. :( Anyways, please enjoy this Rainbow Dash who may possibly be trying something new or more likely, just lost a bet. So fancy! But she sure doesn't look pleased about it.
395 Filly Vinyl tries to Music - EbonyMasque

Trying something new may yield horrible results at first, but with patience and perseverance (and a few hundred broken records) you'll eventually improve into something awesome, woohoo!
396 Trying on something new. - Gus

Gus is being a pal and helping rarity out at her boutique. Unfortunately for him, he's the only one with the right figure to try on her newest dress. Now if only he knew what that even meant.
397 Lyra Tries a New Pick Up Line - DrCob

398 I'm riding a hot air balloon! - Tradley

If there's anything I'm really curious to try is take a hot air ballon ride! It'd be fun! (Made with Anime Studio 8)
399 Rainbow Dash Doing Yoga - Kaira Star

Oh look! Rainbow Dash is trying out some yoga. Be careful Dashie, don't hurt yourself!
400 Pulling hay - Optimaxion

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