441 NATG Day 8: Trying to Play with Fire - Cordaxir

Have you ever tried to teach an earth pony magic?
442 Raroty Tries Something New - Kurk44

I'll bet she hasn't gone apple-bucking before! So it's definitely something new to her. She even seems to be having fun!
443 Pinkie tries Muffins - Sadisticsage

So original! Oh well, still funny to me. Plus lack of time.
444 Heavyweight - Gilded

445 We're on the Road to Viridian City - TheSolitarySandpiper

Cutie Mark Crusaders Pokemon Masters!
446 New hobbies, new friends - Daley Doodle

my OC, Daley Doodle, trying some new games, new food, and even with a new friend!
447 Caboose and a new Flower - Renee Elsesser

Caboose found a new flower and decided to "Try" it. Poison Joke is bad enough when you walk through it. What would happen if you ate it? I think it would be something like this.
448 Handstand! - Fluffy

Twilight doing a handstand! She kept practicing until she could do it long enough for me to draw it ^_^ Only used Gimp which might have been a bad idea.
449 Flavourful Adventure! - BatteryBiscuits

Ooooh this feeling is kinda fuzzy being blue raspberry flavored! (Yeah i went with something new as blue Slime-ish pony and i finally tried shading! o: its easier than I thought, as in self-taught way by adding another layer (yeah layers are my friends ;w;) and then reducing opacity and using the color black, adds shade quite nicely in my way of drawing, as for lighting, its gonna be a bit harder, tried for a yellow colour for the lighting, its nothing too spectacular but it's a start i guess! ^^ Also new mask for his special occasion o: )
450 Something new... INK - Muffinsforever

Can sompony actually accept an abomination, a monster? Should they even try to reach out, knowing that they will probably only get fear and hatred in return? Should this horror even bother trying to comfort a lonely lost mare? Can a monster actually care? I ran out of time and I had to post this or a horribly badly colored version, or nothing at all, so here you go. AND yes it does count, because the changeling is trying to be nice :D
451 Trying new stuff can be scary - Motaro

HEh, I hope it was clear enough what the scene portrayed was ^^
452 Class is now in Session. - StopShot

Derpy becomes substitute teacher for a day.
453 Afraid to get DIRTY?!? - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

Today, Rarity is mining for gems, but without MAGIC! And then she becomes the unicorn who will pierce the heavens! She's certainly not afraid to get dirty... right? Also, this was made as a sort of birthday present for a friend of mine. Happy Birthday, Andrew! Colored in Paintshop. Time: About 7 hours
454 What Did I Get Myself Into! - Rulsis

This time around I was able to put a bit more thought into my background. This is my first time drawing Fluttershy. Also my first time drawing a skateboard. This is a day of firsts! As always, here's hoping I'm getting better at this drawing thing!
455 Scootaloo Tries a New Approach - TopGull

456 Dishin' it out - Cool_Blues

457 Tandem - HorizonsBound

So yeah, New Artists Training Grounds 2 Day 8, a pony doing something new. On a side note, the Nicki Minaj color scheme on the filly is courtesy of my girlfriend. That may be the last time I ask for a color scheme from her.... she's reading this over my shoulder. I will suffer for it later. Wait oh gods no.......
458 Best Seat - Hawklaser

Where else did Rainbow Dash learn the tune "Ride of the Valkyries"?
459 Twilight Tries Something New - Croswynd

Twilight tries something new: acting like Pinkie Pie. Not a smart idea, Twily!
460 Popping a Wheelie! - Spark Plug

She loves loves loves loves loves loves popping a wheelie! (on her bike!) I'll give an Internet high five to you if you get the song reference! :D Larger resolution of the comic is at the DA link by clicking the title up there. Tumblr: ask-sparkplug.tumblr.com
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