481 Citrus Error - Olivia Nystrom

What are you Applebloom, some kind of heretic? I've learned things about writing words from this venture though. Always sketch out the word before drawing the bubble. My handwriting also has terrible kerning.
482 Watch it - Soulnar

483 EQD NATG Day8 - PaladinDrakkenwolf - PaladinDrakkenwolf

Pinkie eating sugar free candy? Blasphemy!
484 Sports! - Grimmers

New things are always better with a friend to share em with, and sports are certainly a new thing activity for these two. (Fluttershy is probally somewhere around here too, but just too shy to come on screen) Tried for some really dynamic and odd angles here, mainly with Twilight. Pretty positive result I think. Took a while to get the mouth to not look like a muppet.
485 A New Game - Heartsvenom

Luna playing Borderlands 2 before its released....So jelly.....
486 Learning Something New - Mellow Manner

Recently, I got an ukulele, and I’ve slowly been teaching myself to play. I’ve been having lots of fun so far! This one is so rushed though, and you can see it. I was gone all day!
487 Lyra Tries Something Different - ABronyAccount

488 You look simply mahvelous, dear! - Terri

I really enjoyed a couple of fanfics based on the idea that Applejack and Rarity used to be friends as fillies, so this is Applejack getting her first makeover, before either filly has gotten her cutie mark. Sadly, not enough time to finish painting. I'm really not so good at this yet!
489 Playing the Double Cello - Tsukurina

490 Bonbon's Sitting Experiment - Zeckal

I kinda wanted to draw Lyra cheering her on in the background, but I don't think i could have drawn that fast enough.
491 Zecora at the Spa - PeruserofPieces

Once again, I'm quite proud of this one! I really do think the Training Grounds are helping me become a better artist. I'm starting to notice a marked improvement in myself--and for me to actually notice my own improvement is unheard of, believe me! I don't feel stuck in a rut anymore skill-wise, and I'm actually excited about seeing what I can do next and where I can take myself! In other words, the Training Grounds is turning out to be one of the best things I've ever done as an artist.
492 Cutie Mark Crusader Surgeons, Yay! - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

493 Okay, you can wear it for now - ExudesAffluence

The closest I've yet cut to the deadline, due to this annoying thing called life. Anyways, trying to force-feed some plot into my ATG submissions, and also, Craftmine! Scootaloo! Scoot-Scootaloo!
494 The "new" Zecora ;) - Rasple ZS

So, what's 'gnu' with you?
495 Like an eagle, piloting a blimp. - Phil Coast

496 Zip-lining Rarity - DrinkEvilTea

...And then Rarity discovered helmet-hair :(
497 Trying new things - Kelzae

498 Vinyl and Octavia at the Arcade - Littlecolt

Ah, the problems that arise when ponies try to play a game designed for humans... Drawn with pencil on paper, inked by hand with a Micron pen.
499 Day 8: Fluttermedic - Franzeir

500 Trixie Tries Fighting! - Sethisto

Trixie is best pony
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