521 AJ's napping - Predelnik

Well not really good fitting to theme, but it's like AJ's trying to rest more :D
522 Counter Nom - Valkyrie-Girl

Biting a bear is new for everyone I should think.
523 Whats a Pear? - Nedemai

Missed Day 7 :(
524 ApplePear - Quillery

Applejack trying a Pear, what are you gonna do about it?
525 Diamond Doodle vs. Bacon - Sophianna Ardinger

The image came from no where - as I'm a vegetarian who cannot eat most meats due to them making me ill - but having Diamond Doodle try and eat meat in order to help heal her horn just seemed funny to me. Regardless, image wasn't colored because I liked it better in black and white.
526 Octavia Tries DJ - Petra Michael (Utahraptorz)

Octavia tries to play music like Vinyl Scratch. ...She's just confused.
527 Try something new.... And embarrassing - Cecilia

I made Mr. Clumsy Legs dance. Oh yeah, look at those moves... it is full of swag man, pure swag.
528 How Brownstone Got His Shades - Wryte

Aaaaaaaah no time to edit! D:
529 Marine - ShinyZorua

She's a water loving pony who's confronting fire which she hates BTW o-co
530 Sweet and Delicious - MasterofRoku

Twilight decided to try a mango they were fresh from the market. When she bit into the flesh of the fruit, she didn't imagine it to be so sweet. Now she can't enough of them...
531 Vinyl Scratch Tries Cello - Petra Michael (Utahraptorz)

Vinyl Scratch attempts to play the cello like Octavia. ...She's not doing the best job, but at least she's having a good time!
532 I am riding a hot air balloon! - Tradley

If there was anything I would love to try is ride a hot air balloon! (Made with Anime Studio 8)
533 Pray tell, what purpose do these serve? - John Davidson

This is Princess Luna at Nightmare Night in Ponyville trying to have "fun" for the first time.
534 Cooking pony - Wesley

didn't have time to color again! D:
535 Octavia gives in.. - Forger

Octavia finally tried listening to dubstep... I originally wanted to have her sitting in a chair while vinyl plays but i had so little time to do this that I never even got to the chair :0
536 Spiffy Chip Mint - Nevillucy

I really need to do these earlier so I don't have to rush D:
537 Dress up - Emerald Fire

Here is Emerald "trying something new" she is modeling her mother, Rarity's new dress (sorry if the dress is really lame). Emerald is a major tomboy but her mother finally convinced her to model.
538 Apple bucking? - Daniel S Gibson

Sorry about the poor quality on this one only had about 40 minuets to draw and color this, but I guess that’s what I get for procrastinating until 11:00 PM.
539 Big Mac n' Peter New - Beepin

Why don't ya check out my profile? And while you're at it let me know what you think! http://beepin.deviantart.com/
540 Pinkie's Holiday Job - Ka'aahi

She'll be the best guard for the princess...
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