541 Sorry Folks, I'll do better next time - Entropy

Last minute!
542 First of the Gods - Scott Nigel

I frankly hate iPods, so it's sideways. Probably gonna do a final copy soon...not.
543 Hmmm... - Winter Falcon

Too tired to color it or look up any reference pictures for the eisel. I like how it turned out quite a lot though, especially her head and expression.
544 Derpy and a... Cupcake? - ClockworkDetective

For this theme, I decided to draw Derpy with a cupcake instead of a muffin. I have not yet seen a image of Derpy with a cupcake, so I figured it would count as her trying something new. After all, cupcakes and muffins, while similar, are different things. Both are very good, though.
545 Twilight Changes It Up - Randomjack

Twilight radically pushing her boundaries (it's happened to me, this is pretty serious stuff). This is technically the first closeup I've drawn period, come to think of it. I must say, its far easier to just draw from the neck up. Unfortunately, this didn't give me much of a chance to practice my stroke widths (my biggest challenge currently in Illustrator). Oh well, I'm happy with how this turned out - I was worried the concept wouldn't make sense.
546 Whatcha' trying now, AJ? - Alex Longclaw

Applegineer :3
547 A sketchy situation sketch - Greywander

Something new - submitting a sketch instead of a vector.
548 Hey rarity give us a beat - Mr.MachRay

549 A New Trick - Alexstrazsa

550 The First Cider - Gemini Shadows

So, I used the theme of a Pony trying something new to show the first time that Rainbow Dash tried the Apple Family Cider. It must be awfully tasty!
551 ...apples? - jach

ha this was really fun to draw :)
552 A sketchy situation - Greywander

Now it's a vector. First time drawing unicorn magic.
553 Octavia trying out Japanese Archery (Kyudo) - Rhyme Flow (aka MC Flowny)

554 Pinkie Pie Needs Sweets, Not Health Food - Siquinox

Pinkie Pie tried a carrot for once. Never again...
555 - Sham Faker

"This new game came to Appelaloosa not to long ago, some Japony invention thingerhickerwhoswhatsit. I wasn't none to interested, 'til somepony said I ought ta gives it a try. Still don't know how bad I gone done, since m'friend would couldn't stop laughin', but I had me a good time still... Even iffin I don't know nothin' 'bout dancin'."
556 GOING TOO FAST - Chris Thomas (ArmoredPig/Wookieman008)

I'm getting better everyday, I'm seeing small improvements little by little. Oh how I love NATG :3
557 Rain Fly - TrentMK

Try flying in the rain, they said. It's fun, they said.
558 First Flight - Ask Trailblazer (Dreamy Cloud)

I decided to capture the first flight of a filly, and I must say I like how it came out for a quick drawing. Low quality picture though, took it with my smart phone.
559 How Brownstone Got His Shades - Wryte

Cleaned up version.
560 - LoveFluttershy

>something a pony has never done before >trixie + love = NaN >trixie + drawing = NaN
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