121 Precious tidy mane = ruined - Hangin' From A Cloud

That's supposed to be Rarity and Sweetie Bell ready to scuba dive.
122 Learning a New Spell - Jingle

123 Rainbow Dash Sketch - NJAS

124 - Michael Hicks

Not exactly what I planned but happy I got something. Was worried I wasn't able to make one for today.
125 New Experiences - LunarRarity

First time for me to try to use Paint Tool SAI.
126 I designed it myself! - Yoshimon1

RD: "Hey Rarity! You're kinda good at designing dresses. How about other stuff, like posters?"; R: "Well, of course I'm no professional, but I think my artistic skills..."; RD: "Good enough! Remember Hearth's Warming Eve when we had that great idea for the Rainbow Dash Show? I'm searching for somepony who wants to produce it. That's why I designed a little promotional poster! What do you think?" *Rarity almost throws up* "Too awesome?" --- Please just keep trying to join the Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash... Please! --- Not only did Rainbow Dash try something new today, but I also tried something new. Be amazed at my MS Paint skills! --- Actually, I just didn't have any time today and thought it was a funny idea. --- Did you know Paint crashes more often than Inkscape? --- 30 minutes --- Made in Inkscape and MS Paint. SVG (paper and crayons) available on dA
127 still no name... - Philipp Golenz Azurblau

if the number has an 4 inside the next one will be in color =3
128 Copper's First Invention - Copper Cogs

Okay so this actually took me like 7 hours and about two days but I figured it'd work, so enjoy!
129 50 Socks - ColoredSpice

Actually already had this. But I currently don't have any good software for colorizing so... Besides, the only other 'new' thing I think 50 could do is coffee. And that's not happening.
130 First day at the beach - dredaich

131 Twilight Butterfly - Mike McBrony

Twilight Tries Out the Butterfly Wing Spell for herself.
132 Fluttershy's Training - Baron Blade

Such a timid pony. Why not give her some fighting to do?
133 Parenthood - MyriadOfFailure

Have some first experiences of parenthood, courtesy of Star Sparkle. I'm sure that as the days go on my art gets worse, hopefully things will get better from here...
134 Expanding Horizons - BluBlur

Another grayscale to colour painting.
135 Getting some Sun - Xain Russell

136 Your move, Applejack. - Pondergreen

I was actually planning on drawing this for day 7, but as usual, i only have an idea i like after it's too late. Luckily, day 8 decided to be awesome and fit the role just as well.
137 Fluttershy's Training - Baron Blade

Fluttershy's the timid one, so why not give her some swordsfighting practice? (Please ignore my other one. That one lacked her wings.)
138 Lyra Trying Something New II - DDD Licious

Uhm... I kinda forgot her horn the first time - heh
139 DJ Octavia - Gallant Tempest

140 Sorry Lyra - DDD Licious

Sorry I forgot your horn Lyra!
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