141 Nighttime Field Work - An-chan

She seems to have failed in not using magic, though.
142 Twilight Sparkle tries ice skating - GroundedPegasus

This one is a little rushed again, I was much busier than I expected to be today! Having said that, like yesterday I'm very pleased with how the facial expression turned out. Now I just need to work out how to draw legs properly! I did have a different idea for today's picture, but had to abandon it because it would have taken too long. I may do it later anyway, so if it doesn't fit a future theme just check my Photobucket album or Twitter feed (@GroundedPegasus) as everything I draw will be put there.
143 Drawing stuff on a train - ogihb

144 Scootaloo's skateboarding - GoggleSparks

145 Twilight's First Attempt At Painting - Timidus

146 Gravity and Apples go hoof and hoof - Helena

I just really like drawing Applejack. Applejack here is trying to learn some fancy mathematics .
147 Dashie on a plains - Guy Rheuark

Pony on a magic card... 1st time Pony drawn with water color pencils... 1st time This land now taps for rainbow
148 Thumb War!? - Ulysses S. Grant

That Lyra and her human obsession...
149 Human-Back Riding - Hupondroid

Hey, get off my back, you!
150 Octavia playing a Drum - Airtower

A different instrument counts as something new, right? I also tried something new on the digital post-processing with this one: Edge detection instead of manually cleaning up the lines. The result seems more crisp, though there was still a bit of smudge and corners that needed cleaning. I also digitally redrew some of the facial features. What do you think?
151 Protopony - New ''toys''. - Akirasip

Pony trying out some new abilities he had got. Those blades are great toys.
152 Eat the tomato, Twi. - nowego

Or rather, NOT trying something new.
153 Derpy Tries Seeing Straight - Dahngrest

Tried out coloring with GIMP for this :D
154 Them Fancy Mathematics - Oskar Viidas

155 Trixie's reflection spell - J.a.g

Trixie using a new spell to make her reflection talk.
156 Bon Bon tries something new - KS_Claw

NTG Day 8: Draw a pony trying something new I first thought I should try and draw one of the mane 6 trying something, but I couldn't decide what. Then I first thought of having Lyra trying something new, but it turned into Bon Bon trying to sit like Lyra instead.
157 Outdated - F4celess

Typewriters are so...old, yet so new.
158 Ouch - DJ Rainbow Dash

As it turns out, it's not as relaxing as it looks.
159 Lolwut - Kobaloi

160 Pants - Twiggeh

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