161 Applejack's new hat - Schnee

Applejack's new fashion statement? You decide! There's lots of room for improvement here, but overall, it didn't come out so bad, even if Applejack looks much derpier than I envisioned her - I was just going for an amused look, but she really looks she's channeling Derpy, and you can't even tell what she's looking at (it's supposed to be her hat). Still, not unhappy with it. 35 minutes.
162 Twilight can cook - Jamwarden

Apparently by using a checklist and cookbook Twilight is able to cook and not burn down the house. Hey, I'm just as surprised as you are.
163 Ballerina Applejack - Stardustchild01

Applejack is trying something new - dressing up as a ballerina.
164 physics? - mrblaster

Pinkie wondering whether she should try this whole 'physics' thing.
165 AppleJack learns a new trick - Stanley Mitchell

AJ learns a new trick; 'cause that's what she does now
166 Pinkie Pie tries something new - Stanley Mitchell

She tries to stay still for once
167 Wet Twilight - Stardustchild01

Twilight Sparkle at sea.... and wet.... =.= Sorry for the reference.
168 - eXe2001

Twilight goes gliding..
169 Training Grounds II: Day 8: Something New - Bleye

Pinkie REALLY wanted to be purple, and the day's theme was something new. Win-Win situation? I'm just glad she didn't start yelling at me for my crappy coloring job. (I only have one Colored Pencil that happened to be purple. Don't tell anypony! But she wouldn't stop talking! I think I'm going crazy, are pictures supposed to be talking to me? Especially AFTER I stop writing the words!?)
170 "Twilight, I don't like this. Change us back." - Matthew Nystrom

"I... don't think I can"
171 Bananajack - muffinexplosion

172 Twilight on top - Horselover90

173 Everything changed that one dinner at home... - Ben

Screwloose wasn't crazy before, until... Wanted to try something new and see how quickly I can get a drawing out.
174 Unexpected - Sonic-Ratchet

175 Ballet Time! - Sue

Apple Bloom's trying ballet for the first time in hopes of earning her cutie mark.
176 Artist Block - Eder

177 My Little Brony Converting - AniRichie

For this picture, I'd recommend taking a look at this comic of mine if you don't get it: http://fav.me/d4zjq0r So this is typically the same thing as Bronies converting others to the herd but it's the opposite for ponies. MY LITTLE BRONY is BIG in Equestria and Pinkie Pie and Lyra want to convert their friends. I also threw in that joke of people only wanting to watch ONE episode, but we all know, if you watch ONE episode, you're going to watch ANOTHER soon after.
178 Applejack Tries An Orange - Anthpony

179 Cheerilee + Big Mac - The Storm117

CheeriMac shipping is weird o_o I'm too used to AppleDash and FlutterPie
180 VERY Rough Derpy Sketch - oeoddeven

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