181 Maud Pie at the Pictish Stone, Raasay - Loganberry

Here we see well-known rock enthusiast Maud Pie admiring the 1,300-year-old Pictish Stone on the Isle of Raasay, western Scotland. The stone was originally found elsewhere on the island, and moved to its present location in the 19th century to protect it from the elements.
182 Lyra chilling with iguana - itza305

Lyra taking a break from the beach of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, after a morning of sun, beach and a lot of nice people
183 The Doctor and the Harbour - SUP3R Toastr

This wasn't going to be my initial entry into the event. I was originally going to take a picture of a viaduct further up the river but the way to it was too overgrown to get there, luckily i saw this view of all the boat moorings and jetties on the way and thought that that looked like a great view to take a picture of instead so... here we are.
184 Twilight in Baku - FireWind-357

Flame Towers and Television tower.Photo was taken behind the fortress wall of the ancient "Inner City" in Baku-Azerbaijan.
185 Twilight in Baku #2 - FireWind-357

Maiden Tower-was built in the 12th century as part of the walled city (Inner City) in Baku-Azerbaijan.Consequent to the receding of the sea shore line of the Caspian Sea, a strip of land emerged. This land was developed between the 9th and 15th centuries, when the walls of the old city, the palace including the huge bastion of the Maiden Tower were built.
186 Moondancer visits a Place of Power #1 - SilverYuno

Twilight! This book talks about old ruins that predate Ponykind! Apparently if you visit such a place in the summer solstice your magic power will increase.
187 Rainbow Dash meets Freddie Mercury - Steam Loco

Rainbow Dash meets Freddie Mercury - at least Freddies statue in Montreux, Switserland.
188 The Mane 6 at the Leaning Tower of Pisa - Steam Loco

The entire Mane 6 near the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. As this is one of the busiest tourist attractions in Italy, it wasn't surprising that I got a lot of reactions when I made this picture. Mostly giggles, but an American girl went absolutely wild about it (in a very nice way): "OMG he has Little Ponies! That's so cool!". Yes. Yes it is. :-D
189 Rainbow Dash in San Marino - Steam Loco

Rainbow Dash in the wonderful little country San Marino. There is a fortress or at least a tower on every rocky hilltop, overlooking the countryside that is now Italy. If you ever have the chance to go there, please do so. It's lovely!
190 Rainbow Dash in San Marino - Steam Loco

We were making a trip with this steam engine from a German museum in Bochum-Dalhausen. I always carry a Pony or two with me to make pictures with, so obviously I couldn't let this opportunity go by. There are many more pictures of Ponies Around the World on my DA. Feel free to use as many as you like! :-)
191 Rainbow Dash on Mount Tai in China - Ian

This is one of the famous monuments on Mount Tai, it is even printed on our 5 RMB banknotes. Picture reference for the banknote: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/images/5yuan2.gif Sorry for the picture quality, this photo was taken at midnight with 2 flashlights as my light source. It is impossible to take a proper photo without a bunch of people interfering in between, so going there at midnight was the only option for me.
192 Vinyl Scratch in Piripiri, city of Brazil - Álvaro Oliveira "Alfa Master"

A photo with my favorite pony here in the small town where I live. Located in the state of Piaui, Brazil.
193 Daring Do at Dai Temple in China - Ian

A temple in my city. Lots of ancient cypresses and interesting buildings inside.
194 Twi and RD in Viña del Mar Chile - Luis Oliva (CaturroxxRD)

Foto tomada en lo alto de uno de los cerros de Viña del mar, con vistas al centro de la Cuidad y al fondo en las dunas la ciudad de Con Con
195 Ponies in Meereen aka kliska tvrdavaja near Split - Ferraripony

Our visit in Meereen. Unfortunately Daeneris or her dragons weren't home.
196 Luna with Concorde - Ferraripony

Luna visited muzeum Sinsheim where is located one of Concordes - fastest plane for passangers
197 Twi and RD in Viña del mar (part 2?) - Luis Oliva (CaturroxxRD)

La parte sur de la bahía de Valparaíso, foto tomada en la parte alta del Cerro Recreo en Viña del Mar, Chile. Al fondo izquierda está el puerto de Valparaíso y la mayor parte de la foto es el cerro Recreo en Viña del Mar
198 The top of Sulphur Mountain - Admiral Biscuit

199 AJ and Pinkie at the Licoln Memrial, Washington D.C. - Chargin' Chuck

200 AJ and Pinkie at the World War II Memorial, Washington D.C. - Chargin' Chuck

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