61 Fluttershy in Bergen-op-Zoom, Netherlands - inglobwetrust

62 Fluttershy riding the cobblestones in the North of France - inglobwetrust

63 TS takes a hiking trip somewhere in vast land of northeastern Siberia. - Oleg

The picture was taken in Chersky Range, Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, Russia. Coordinates N 64.948515, E 148.500330
64 Daring Do Enjoying the View at Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta - ElementalFluttershy

65 Durango CO Train Station Twi - Twilight Sparkle

66 Four Corners Sparkle - Twilight Sparkle

67 Mesa Verde Twilight - Twilight Sparkle

68 The Nuclear Pony - VoltAmper

Nuclear Pony in the AtomTown of Hungary Paks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paks
69 Ponies Taking in the View at the Mount Jefferson Wilderness, Oregon. - ElementalFluttershy

Taken from near Park Ridge along the Pacific Crest Trail during an amazingly beautiful 3-day backpacking trip. Hike Stats: Length: 5.4 miles Elevation gain: 1163 feet Highest point: 6460 Snow depth: 4-6 feet in drifts
70 Princess of the Night overlooks her waking Kingdom - Jarrah Hooves

Luna overlooks her Kingdom (aka Perth, Western Australia) before heading off to rest for the day
71 Preston Bus Station - cool110

Britain's largest bus station
72 Sunset Shimmer in "plaza de armas" Arequipa - PerĂº - Allegro Piacevole

Sunset Shimmer in "plaza de armas" Arequipa - PerĂº a place where everyone can take pictures and join with other people, behind Sunset we can found the cathedral
73 Harry and Son (Zagreb, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken on the Medvednica Mountain near Zagreb, Croatia. The mountain's name literally translates as "Bear Mountain" which is why bears are its symbol. This particular sculpture is located in front of one of Medvednica's hotels near the mountain peak.
74 Castle Ruins (Fort Garic, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken at the ruins of a 12th-century military fort situated at the top of a hill near the town I grew up in.
75 History Class (Zadar, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken in Zadar, Croatia, among Roman ruins and with the Saint Donat's Church in the background.
76 Chant of the Sea (Zadar, Croatia) - theOwtcast

Picture taken at the Sea Organ in Zadar, Croatia. The organ is famous for the unique and ever-changing melody the sea waves play in it.
77 Lyra Heartstrings on the Kyushu Seven Stars Train, Japan - Dan Bailey

Lyra enjoyed fine food, music, and took in the sites around Japan's Kyushu Island aboard the magnificent Seven Stars train.
78 Rainbow Dash at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa - Dan Bailey

Rainbow Dash posing in front of the famous sign marking the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.
79 Rainbow Dash at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe - Dan Bailey

RD accompanied us on the Pride of Africa train from Dar es Salaam to Cape Town. Here is the landmark entering Zimbabwe. Her Sonic Rainboom over nearby Victoria Falls was a sight to behold!
80 Rainbow Dash at Zeerust, South Africa - Dan Bailey

From the Ponies-in-Obscure-Locations Dept. comes this shot of RD at the Zeerust train station in South Africa.
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