101 Lyra and Bon Bon at Brighton Pier - Jacko247

102 Fluttershy at Big Ben, London - FluttershyPegasus

Fluttershy at the London Clock Tower commonly called 'Big Ben'.
103 Presidente Epitácio sunset, Brazil - Age3rcm

being a small portuary city of 45 thousand people, between the states of são paulo and mato grosso do sul, next to huge Paraná river, Presidente Epitácio holds the winner place having the most beautiful sunset of brazil, voted in 2014 by popular choice in brazil's most beautiful sunset competition that was featured at a national TV channel. the foto doesn't shows the best sunset ever, but its one i could take a picture off within the deadline, with my derpy hooves chinese plushie
104 Rio Paraná, Brazil - Age3rcm

a picture taken of one of the biggest rivers in brazil, between the states o mato grosso do sul and sao paulo
105 Minty at Universal Studios Hard Rock Cafe - Steve Piranha

106 Minty after Universals - Steve Piranha

107 North Carolina - Catla

108 Twilight in Ersekvadkert - HuNoble

Twilight at the World War I and II memorial in Ersekvadkert with the church of Ersekvadkert in the background. Ersekvadkert is a village in the northern part of Hungary with 3820 inhabitants.
109 Shining Armor at the Danube bank - HuNoble

Shining Armor at the statue of St. John Nepomuk. The picture was taken at the Barouqe style Danube bank of Vac, Hungary. I had a very nice weather and good visibility so even some parts of the Danube bend can be seen in the background.
110 Octavia's cruise in Budapest 1 - HuNoble

Octavia's looking at the main building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics during a ship cruise. It was built in 1909 and has been the venue of many battles for good grades since then, including my ones :) .
111 Octavia's cruise in Budapest 2 - HuNoble

Octavia's looking at the Buda Castle and Royal Garden Pavillion from a ship on the river Danube. The Buda Castle (first completed in 1265) is part of the Castle District which one of the most recommended locations to visit if you are in Hungary.
112 Fluttercliffs - MasterGeorge

Fluttershy and the cliffs North of Gate E in Scientists' Cliffs, Maryland.
113 The Green Queen of Manetreeall - Frith

I wonder what this queen did to threaten the Princess of Manetreeall? She appears to have been turned into some kind of green metal. My guidebook to Kickbuck (Canterda) indicates there's an academic bookstore nearby.
114 Princess Celestia on Historic Route 66 - Astropony

This page are images of my Princess Celestia plush with places on Route 66 that I thought was worth taking pictures of. I hope you enjoy them as much as I had taking them.
115 Dashie By The Steps Of Bantay Bell Tower - Night Dice

The picture was taken from this week and I still a got a bit more to submit. I hope you guys receive the pictures! PS: Sorry that I don't have TGAPT(The Great And Powerful Trixie) figure with me, hehe.
116 Dashie Posing By The Church of Paoay - Night Dice

117 Dashie Enjoying Baguio City - Night Dice

118 Rainbow Dash At Good Shepherd, Baguio City, Philippines - Night Dice

On the very side note, I took all four pictures in the Philippines.
119 - Aego

Fluttershy, chilling at A Famosa, Melaka.
120 Celestia on the Brunswick castle square - Grisnir

i always missed my hometown Brunswick(Germany) in the Ponies Around the World event, so here it is. Celestia in front of the Brunswick Lion and the Dankwarderode Castle
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