141 Pinkie's Adventure pt. 3 - Drensoul

142 Fluttershy in Sochi Olimpic Park - Laservega

143 Glimglam would have been top of the class at Hogwarts! - Brandon D

This was taken at Hogwarts Castle/The Forbidden Journey attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood, California.
144 Beach Horses - Blazelight

A pic of GLIMGLAM, Helia, Berry Punch, Silver Spoon, Twilight and Sassaflash at Kuta beach, Bali, Indonesia. And they also collected some shells :P
145 - Rainderpbrony and Northstar

We two made another Picture in front of the Cologne Cathedral, but this time at the front side at a better time, bad that the otheres from the Cologne meetup arent there too
146 Flutterboop - PB

Fluttershy getting a boop from the statue of Kusunoki Masashige in Tokyo, outside of the Imperial palace
147 Flutterhabara - PB

Fluttershy visiting Akihabara, Tokyo.
148 Celestia and Luna at Buckingham Palace - Jacko247

Funny enough, this is about as royal as it gets for two of our favourite princesses as they go to meet the Queen of England.
149 Greetings from Bavaria, Germany - Abigail Alexis

The trip was from my spring break with my family.
150 Fluttershy and Tar Boat - Eurocoin

Fluttershy at tar channel at Kajaani. In the picture you can see boat, that's used for tar rowing demonstrations, on the background you can see Kajaani castle and also the gate to the Ämmänkoski hydro power plant.
151 Big Mac Looking Out From the Summit of Table Mountain in Alberta, Canada - Partialgeek514

152 Big Mac at N. Eldon Tanner Monument at Camp Impeesa in Alberta, Canada - Partialgeek514

This monument was made for Helaman's Encampment in 2011 which I had the privilege to attend. The camp had over 2500 people attend! I'm very glad to have been back to Camp Impeesa to be part of another scout camp! Although it wasn't nearly as large. ;)
153 Princess Twilight visits the Arches - Keyphob

Princess Twilight takes time out of her busy schedule to visit the Arches. One of the many ancient sites in and around Alyth, the arches stand on the site of the 6th century St Molagg's church and a later 13th century church.
154 The Cutie Mark Crusaders at the Fool's Tower in Vienna! - CMC_Scootaloo

Here's my submission for Ponies Around The World 2016. For this year, I traveled with the Cutie Mark Crusaders to the Fool's Tower (In German: Narrenturm) in the 9th district of Vienna. The Fool's Tower is one of the most creepy places in Vienna, with a quite dark history and even some myths surrounding it..... Find the full story about the Fool's Tower here: http://cmc--scootaloo.deviantart.com/art/The-Cutie-Mark-Crusaders-at-Fool-s-Tower-Vienna-620858974
155 Victoria Bronies says hi! - Eduardo Isaac Ruiz Zapata

The geographically accurate center point of the Tamaulipas state located in the center of the downtown of the capital city of the state Ciudad victoria, Tamaulipas
156 Fluttershy supervising the get it for the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall - Bass Harmony

157 Top of Chicago - 4thLight

Taken from the north side of the Willis Skydeck in Chicago. View of Near North Side and Lake Michigan.
158 SandaFlash - EddictedBrony

Sassaflash: Of course out of all the entries this dork picks I had to get the most boring one. At least Sarasota's beach is nice and warm though.
159 Oh My Gosh a Dodrio! - EddictedBrony

Fashion Plate: Success! I finally found a Dodrio on Pokemon Go at Jaygee's Fun Center in Methuen...wait, I'm out of Pokeballs? NOOOOOOOO!
160 Pinkie Finds a Rock Farm at Tenerife, Costa Adeje - Bronymedic

This is a beach where, for no apparent reason, people have started building these stone towers from what is scattered at the beach. It may have started as a result of people doing it for tourists but it has turned into somewhat of a tradition to do if you are in the area.
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