1 Hurricane Fluttershy - sinfulangel1

2 - Aegis Exemplar

3 AJ in Action -WIP- - Inurantchan

4 ATG Day 3 - Preparing to Play - DJZ

I wanted to do something more original this time so I drew myself preparing for a concert or to teach (like I'm doing tomorrow). I'm quite pleased with the result.
5 Pinkamena and the Ponies of Genocide - SC

The name, Ponies of Genocide, was created by me. I don't claim any ownership of characters drawn in this image. :)
6 Luna's cooking show - Hailey

7 ATG Day 3 - SparklerofEquestria/Discozilla 4 life

Poor Discord has to deal with Godzilla Junior's rather vigorous idea of training...
8 Preparing For Training - FlutterLove

9 Preparing for War - Blink

10 Never prepared - Slizergiy

Illidan gives a few words of "encouragement" to the participants of the ATG.
11 Ready For Camping! - James

12 - Michael

13 We're gonna need a montage! - TyrannisUmbra

Knew right away what I wanted to do for this one! Scoots is one fierce competitor.
14 something devious - T72B

they're up to no good I tells ya
15 Golden Gloves training - Ti_Deltas

Still not sure what "Additional Information" is for. Oh well, another day, another limerick. In the gym where I fight to contend, My opponents can't even pretend, I feel right at home, In the fight for the throne, And I'll knock you down on your rear end.
16 Obviously it's Lyra - Spone

Hey guys, Spone again. Third day, my second since I'm dumb and missed the first day. Let's keep going with this, shall we? While not being amazing at it, it's still fun to dabble in the arts.
17 Prepare For Trouble!! - AniRichie

They're preparing... FOR TROUBLE! Get it? Get it? :D I'll let myself out.
18 Applejack Prepares for the Day Ahead - SallinDaemon

19 A Mare for all situations - Fimbulvinter

Following the Changeling invasion of Canterlot, it was decided that everypony should learn how to defend themselves. For Fleur, fencing was already second nature. When she's not on the runway, you can find her practicing on her poor training dummy just in case she should come face to face with Fleur Elise, the changeling obsessed with becoming her, again.
20 Bucking Trees - Cloudy Sky

Time took: 26:44
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