1 Cruisin' (On a Sunday Afternoon) - Chris Cooke

2 Day 7 Egd Atg:Applejacks Truck - PinkPalette

3 Applejack and Rarity - Exploring the Crystal Mine - bakumaru

Applejack: "Whooo-eee! Aint'cha enjoyin' this here minecart ride, Rarity?" Rarity: "Perhaps you should have gotten us a bigger cart, Applejack!"
4 ATG Day 7 - SparklerofEquestria/Discozilla 4 life

How many other entries are gonna be Scootaloo scootin'? :3 Shading 'cause I felt like it.
5 Luna in a Tea Cup Ride - Hailey

6 Niche's Perfect Ride - Aegis Exemplar

I don't know who'd give their keys to a Joyling, but she seems to be enjoying herself...
7 EQD: ATG Day 7 -Carriage- - CelestialLyra

Hahahaha This one was to draw a pony in a vehicle and I did it!!! This one was actually pretty hard to draw, this is the first time I've ever actually drawn a carriage. This drawing looks a lot sketchier because I was kinda lazy and quality isn't that good because I only have one camera... (Hope it looks ok?)
8 - Snowquill

Squiggle Squiggle
9 NATG Day 7: Pony Car - Mopar96

10 Everyone needs to drive a vehicle, even the very tall - dstears

11 Vinyl Scratch Out For A Spin - BrokenBoneBrony

I know that this one have been done before... But I don't know what to draw on todays "topic" :/ I don't interest me in vehicle at all...

Yo wolf, I heard you liked timberwolves, so I put a timberwolf in your timberwolf, so you can timberwolf wile ya timberwolf.
13 Rarity learns to spindash - Slizergiy

Because rairball is a thing on the internet. I REGRET NOTHING!
14 Green Leaf the Derby Racer - Cloudy Sky

15 parasprits going for a spin - Tuballama

A pony letting a pair of parasprits take their top for a spin
16 Obviously it's Lyra - Spone

Hey guys, Spone again. I didn't have much time for this one, but I did what I could. Hopefully everyone else is sticking through these harder and harder goals. You can only improve with practice.
17 Rainbow Dash Always Drives In Style - James

18 Quick, to the Lyramobile! - Fimbulvinter

Nopony is quite sure how Lyra got her hooves on a Kübelwagen. All they know is that she has one, and the Applewood Derby was never quite the same.
19 Pink spin - 32232232

click for gif
20 Pink spin - 32232232

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