241 Samurai Lyra - Ulysses S. Grant

Total War: Shogun 2 was an awesome game. So have a Takeda Clan Lyra.
242 Trekkie Lyra, phaser included - Daniel Ahlgren

And when I was done I remembered that I had no mint-coloured pencil, shit. Ah well, it looks okey in black and white. ^^ Also: Yay, Ponies and Star trek! Just 2 more drawings and then I've drawn more in 4 days than I have in 2 years ^^
243 The Legend of Bon Bon - Tokyo-Oranges

244 Friends of Ponyville Town - Ka'aahi

It was way too difficult to incorporate a pony to a situation of a simulation game, and I was unable to draw a Pok├ępony, so I used this theme from Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town. Kinda kitschy, huh?
245 Chief Maintenance Officer Pinkie (From The True Meaning of Smekday) - Pillowchair

246 NiGHTS - Kaiserin

247 - Ellie gill

248 Artist Training Grounds II: Day 9- Goku - Bluesplosion

Goku the Saiyan pony.
249 Ponified Fox McCloud - CuriousPony

I am ridiculously proud of this. It's my first time making something into a pony, and I love how it turned out. I may just have to draw the rest of the team when this whole thing is over.
250 Katarina Rarity - Tim H.

To celebrate Katarina's revamp, Rarity cosplays as the Sinister Blade!
251 MY PRECIOUS! - Death-of-all

Based on the classic quote from both the Hobbit and Lord Of the Rings
252 Shantae Pony - Edwin Shy

My design for Shantae from WayForward's popular game, Shantae if she was a pony I had the idea for a while while I was playing Risky's Revenge where I can see Shantae could be easily made into a pony so I finally drew it, drawn in MS Paint At first her pony tail was going to be a part of her mane but making it her tail would be better since it is called a "ponytail" for a reason... (sorry for that awful pun >.>) and her cutie mark is the heart container from Risky's Revenge or at least looks simliar to it.
253 Will & Elliott from Tunnels - Sallin

254 ponyshock - demented-Mr-Paulsen

I love insect swarm! most useful plasmid
255 Spider-Mage - Xander S

Decided to draw Mage, yes i finally drew her again haha, dressed up as Spider-Man, er, woman, er, Pony, agh, you know what i mean. Thus i have called her "SPIDER-MAGE!" :D (incase you're wondering how its mage: you cant really see it for some reason but her horn is green and the mane and tail are the same. It just worked out that it was blue;) haha)
256 Fezz <3 - JayBug

Ref picture I used was a vector by 1414HolyFlanders: http://1414holyflanders.deviantart.com/art/Doctor-Whooves-265356728 I left some sketch lines in there to show I'm trying to learn how to sketch. I still press the pencil too hard. :oP
257 Phoncible P. "Phoney" Dash - Mr Willhart

Rainbow Dash as a dragonslayer.
258 The Lone PonyWolf - HeatWave

This is one of my favorite Videogame characters of all time! His name is Terry Bogard from SNK's Fighting series 'Fatal Fury' and 'The King of Fighters'. This is not his original costume, but a revamped one he received late in the 1990's. Are you okay!?
259 Ponies in power suits - Ben

260 Diego Armando Ponified - MMK

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