281 Fluttermedic - Michael Huss

Some old work.
282 Spyro the Pony - Beepin

This. Game. Was. AWESOME! Why don't you check out the rest of my drawings? http://beepin.deviantart.com/ :)
283 Rainbow Dash's Katniss Cosplay - Dixie

This is, as the title suggests, Rainbow Dash of MLP cosplaying as Katniss from The Hunger Games series. I tried to convey that with the braid, mockingjay pin necklace, and 'bow-and-arrow' cutie-mark pasted over RD's own lightning cloud one.
284 Epona Sparkle - muffinexplosion

285 The Beatles "Help!" Ponies - johnpaulgeorgeringo6

I had so much fun drawing my Yellow Submarine ponies, I decided to do more Beatle ponies. "Help!" is another FANTASTIC Beatles film! It is their second film, and is very funny, and also their first film in color. I would highly recommend watching it if you haven't. The album is also splendid. Left to right it is George, John, Paul, Ringo
286 Pinkie Dressed As FFVII - UnlicensedBrony

287 G. Freemane - BluBlur

Half-Life, great game!
288 That Pony is a Spy! - Griffin Aswegan

Ah, the Spy from TF2. Probably the most popular crossover for MLP: FiM that I've seen, image-wise anyway.
289 Derpy Hooves as Samus Aran - B_Waffle

Derpy is best galactic bouny hunter
290 Mage - Dan S.

attempt of drawing the archmage's robes (skyrim) on to a pony.
291 Fus Ro YAY. - Vulpis Alba

Fluttershy being adorable, per the usual. I may or may not trace this in Inkscape, we shall see.
292 - Daniel Näckblad

293 Monster Hunter Luna - DuskyEclipse

I drew Luna in my armor set from Monster Hunter 2nd G. It's the Crimson Fatalis gunner set with the Akantor bow.
294 Phoenix Spike - Dragon Attorney - Jared Cook

Spike: Objection! Celestia: What is it, Mr. Spike? Spike: There's clearly a contradiction in the witness's testimony! Celestia: Really? I'm afraid I can't see it, Mr. Spike. Meanwhile Trixie, the prosecution, smirks triumphantly.
295 Oki - Natsusume

I tried to ponify Oki from the video game Okami. First time drawing a male pony.
296 My LIttle Pony: Going Commando - Austin

Okay, I'll be honest. Yesterday I didn't submit anything because I had Drawer's block (artist's block?). The theme I just couldn't think of anything interesting enough for me to spend my time off of work drawing. Today however, seemed like fate since I've been thinking of the new Ratchet and Clank collection coming out on the 28th. So, here it is. Ratchet as a pony. This was my favorite to draw. This is probably my first half way decent drawing where I drew an aspect mainly by myself. While I was looking at a picture of Ratchet wearing the armor, I ponified the armor myself. Aspects of this to note is the neck area has the buttons Ratchet's gloves normally had. Just a little tidbit. Anyway, I would have liked to make it more 3D, but I rather like the turnout.
297 Assasins Creed The Ponyhood - Joel Sosa

I couldn't think of a good name for this one, but here it is, my entry for the "Newbie Artists Training Grounds"! I just want to be part of it at least with 1 drawing XD
298 My Little Suzumiya - Digi Doodle Doo


300 The Great and Powerful Twilight Sparkle - Ishkie

I'm not sure if this counts, so I will have another entry uploaded later tonight that fits the theme a little better.
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