301 Hydrapony - Honey&SaltCookies

Could not resist the temptation. Day [9] of the NATG and a pony from a game~
302 We command thee, drop! - Guy Rheuark

303 The Sun Rises - Yokogumo

Princess Celestia as Sun God Amaterasu. Since the theme is video games, movies, etc... I thought I'd take the opportunity to try and draw in the style of my favourite game ever. Seriously, if you've never player Okami, you are seriously missing out.
304 - Pawkun

Kimiko from www.megatokyo.com . Epic webcomic of epicz.
305 Luna Lovegood - Erika

Luna Lovegood ponified. Her cutie mark is meant to symbolize her future in Magizoology (pawprint made of stars).
306 "Did I do thaaaaaaaaaat?" - AniRichie

Rainbow Dash - "Derpy Go home!" Derpy - "Can I stay for a little wh...." Rainbow Dash - "GO HOME! GO HOME! GO HOME GO HOME GO HOME!!!" Derpy - "I don't have to take this. I'm going home!" - CONGRATULATIONS YOUR NEW HEADCANON IS DERPY HOOVES AS STEVE URKEL! You're welcome. Yeah I thought of Derpy as Urkel around the same time I came up with the RepairMARE concept and this one fits Derpy just as well. I was waiting for the right time to publicly introduce this type of Derpy to you all, thank you Artist Training Grounds. YOU ARE NOW PICTURING DERPY SAYING 'DID I DO THAAAAAAAAT' WHENEVER SHE F***S STUFF UP!' :D
307 Warlord Aria - Aria Spark

Aria Spark is all set and ready to Conquer some Kingdoms with her Pokemon: Conquest outfit! I think its time for some Equestrian League Pokemon Battles!
308 Raziel is now a pony~ - Lomeo

In case someone wondering who's that mysterious colt - his name is Raziel, it's a character from some of "legacy of kain" series of games.
309 Tiara's Tiaras - Geoffrey Stoop

Tiara 03 used a mechanical ramming attack!
310 What Happened? - FuzzyStreak

Not quite what Lyra had hoped for, but Bon Bon is happy. :D
311 Dashie is the IRON PONY - Daniel

My first submission, I hope you like it. :)
312 Lyradovich - Geoffrey Stoop

“I'm such a genius, it scares me sometimes. No wonder I'm so important!” Flame Stone!
313 Twilight as Harry Trotter - Ann

Twilight as Harry Trotter.
314 Goketsuji Smith - Chuck Draug

I'm all for obscure fighting games, and the Power Instinct - Goketsuji Ichizoku is a good example of this, specially with the elderly Goketsuji twins, O-Ume and O-Tane, the kung fu grannies. And so here you got it: Granny Smith dressed as one of such infamous twins. But is she dressing as O-Ume or as O-Tane? That's not important. And on a side note, both O-Ume and O-Tane use their dentures as projectiles in the games... Granny Smith just dropped hers, though.
315 Lemon Daze as Link - ProsaurusRex

Hey! Listen!
316 Dash - Angel

317 Lost Christmas - Solar Flicker

So I had to decide whether to draw Drake out of the Uncharted series, or some scene out of one of my favourite books, Lost Christmas. I actually tried drawing Drake, but it seemed that I had lost whatever drawing skill I had, so I went downstairs and dug out this old sketch I drew last year sometime. I then decided to clean it up a bit, and experiment, so... here you go. ... I think it came out pretty well...
318 Moonkin Fluttershy - Maxcube

This is so bad... I'm embarrassed uploading this.
319 Rainbow @ 30 Rock - Scrawling Violet

First, a TV show... then, other media!
320 Kirby Pie - VonDare

Kirby ingests Pinkie Pie! Power of.... PARTY!
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