21 The Binding of Applebloom - RionTwist

Rattled this one off super quick as I won't have a chance to do anything during more reasonable hours tonight. I had too much fun drawing a pouting Applebloom. Twin waterfalls just made it better.
22 Slender Mane - PropertyOfPinkiePie

Had a coughing fit while drawing this and a sudden sensation that I will be losing $20 soon....
23 TwiTerra - antiemuforce

Twilight dressed up as Terra from FF6
24 Lillth the Siren - Eliza Bolen

This is Lillith the Siren from Borderlands the game. She is in mid phasewalk, which is her special power that lets her phase out of this dimension. Borderlands is one of my favorite games.
25 Kyubey - CrimsonBlossom

Kyubey from Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica.
26 ATG #9 - 'Kurt and Wolfie' - LonMcGregor

Kurt and Wolfie. Not strictly VideoGame "Characters", but they're in a game, so it counts. KurtJMac Plays for Charity. Give Kudos to him at farlandsorbust.com
27 Applejack as Link - Christian Bravo

This day sure was a tough assignment! I did my best, though!
28 TO THE GUMMI SHIP! - Nico Bamford

TO THE GUMMI SHIP! Y'know, the ship is Kingdom Hearts which transports Sora, Donald and Goofy from world to world?
29 Dr. Marehattan - Runbow Dash

30 Dante is now 20% cooler! - Alan Apac

Unfortunately I missed Day 8 due to my excessive hmmm... procrastination? Anyways I have put much more enthusiasm in this ones!
31 - Frost Storm

32 You know your screwed... - Alan Apac

When Pinkie Pie is the lawyer... P.S. Unfortunately I missed Day 8 due to my excessive hmmm... procrastination? Anyways I have put much more enthusiasm in this ones!
33 Hisoka Pone - Eius

Because Hisoka is just plain awesome.
34 Arthur Dent, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Mellow Manner

Hitchhiker’s Guide is definitely one of my favorite radio/TV/movie/game/book series!
35 Leafblighter - Jack Dodd

The Dark One from The Wheel of Time books.
36 Must Be Going to a Convention... - LonelyEyeball

"For the last time, I'm not the kid from Pokémon." "Why does every pony keep saying that?"
37 King Twilight and Owlowiscious the Owl - Llil

38 Muffin Button - Briar

Derpy finds the muffin button. :3 This is a reference to Dragon Ball Z Abridged ~yay
39 Phantasy Star Online 2 x MLP - Renji

This is my first ever ATG submission. Yes, I am VERY late to the party. Better late than never! I AM SO HAPPY that I get to submit something that is relevant to me: GAMING! If this does get accepted, this will definitely convince me to get an actual DeviantArt account and making myself known (I am VERY shy.). Sorry about it being dim... or maybe I want it that way? Enough about me, it's all about this pony! Anyway, this is my ponified character in my newest addiction, Phantasy Star Online 2. She's a Ranger with a lot of attitude... or at least I want her to have lots of attitude.~ She's very comfortable using a machine gun over a rocket launcher, due to her own tiny size. I hope you enjoy her as much as I had loads of fun drawing her armor! Thank you!
40 Dipper Sparkle - GraphiteSketch

After the latest episode of Gravity Falls, this is the only pony cosplay that makes sense.
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