381 VonGothisch, die Kliene Pferd von Mahneheim - AaronMk

Figured that TF2 and Portal would be big hits for this theme so I bypassed that to the standard medieval politics/warfare simulators. Those being Medieval (1/2 take you pick): Total War and Crusader Kings (1/2, take your pick, though I've only played 2). So as such, a pony dressed in only die beste Europaisch Rustung: German Gothic. Also a parody of the Imperial Banner of the Holy Roman Empire.
382 EQD ATG II : Day 9a :Clockwork the High Templar - Timothy Tung

Day 9: Draw a pony dressed from your favourite game. StarcraftII meets ponies. "Clocwork, you sure like Protoss cosplay, eh?" "EN TARO ADUN!" "..."
383 Lyra Gump - NoCtrl

Poor Lyra :-(
384 NATG Day 9: 'Cheese' - Kinrah

Twilight Sparkle and Spike as Wallace and Gromit in Nick Park's "A Grand Day Out", guest starring Princess Luna.
385 EQD ATG II : Day 9b :Clockwork Ike - Timothy Tung

Day 9: Draw a pony dressed from your favourite game. Fire Emblem meets ponies. "Clocwork, you sure like cosplay, eh?" "I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS" "..."
386 A Childhood Favorite - Enigma Shade

Licen has loved pokemon since he was a young colt. These six (Absol, Yamask, Sigilyph, Banette, Gardevoir, and Sableye) are his favorite party. He has a thing for Dark, Psychic, and Ghost pokemon.
387 Fluttershy singing - safrania9898

Forgot to upload my drawing yesterday. Here it goes !
388 - Hannah

389 Rainbow Kazegami - safrania9898

Alicorn Rainbow Dash as Kazegami, god of wind in Okami.
390 "Think of it like a...reverse bear trap." - PoniesPerMinute

I actually haven't watched a Saw movie since the last one came out.
391 Yoda Pony - Flippy

392 - BLAHBLAH682

393 Twilight Suits Up - DasHHat

Iron Man is one of my all time favourite characters from anything. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which pony best suited Iron man, which was incredibly difficult as; Rainbow Dash has a similar personality to Tony Stark, Rarity has the same sense of morals and a head for looking awesome and Twilight Sparkle has the brains to actually build something like that (hypothetically xD) So I went with Twilight, I feel she has the capacity to be shovanistic and maybe even a bit arogant if she had a suit of armour like that (I know I would ) No references were used at all in the drawing of this picture as a suit was being wrapped around most parts of the body, so it didnt need to be perfect. I instead spent way too much time making the suit movie-accurate, I am actually building a Mk7 suit so I just couldn't help myself drawing it, especially in that last frame. I should have spent a bit longer cleaning it up, but this took me 3 hours and I am hungry and thirsty and need a shower
394 Scootaloo Finds Her Wings - TheSolitarySandpiper

Scootaloo finally flies with the help of her newly evolved Charizard; a continuation of my entry from yesterday.
395 Ponified Annabelle -- The Dresden Files - Alexander Johnson

Annabelle is dressed as Harry Dresden from the "Dresden Files" by Jim Butcher.
396 - Rachael

so mine is based on the books by Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn so this is Vin in pony form. :P
397 Pony May Cry - Eliza Bolen

This is Dante from the Devil May Cry series ponyfied
398 Strange New Land, Strange New Creatures - Dane W.

In which Fluttershy becomes a BRAVE SPACE CAPTAIN, TRAVELLING TO NEW AND UNCHARTED WORLDS. Of course the first thing she has to do is befriend the cute new creatures there! (Fluttershy as Captain Olimar with Pikmin)
399 cosplay is more fun with magic - Jacob Mølvig

this was fun, trying different styles. not sure how well it worked, but i actually really like how this turned out
400 You can't kill the messiah - Hawkeye92

"Our enemies believe that we have been defeated, and that I am no longer among the living. They are gravely mistaken." - Kane
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