421 PHOENIX WRIGHT(Ponified) - Mike Martinez

OBJECTION!!! The universes best defense attorney is now a pony!!!!!!!!! HOLD IT!!! TAKE THAT!!!!
422 Batpony - olywolf

Sorry this was rushed, I was playing golf all day so I had little time to draw.
423 Assault 'n' Support - William Roe

424 Twilight Prime! (Optimus Sparkle?) - Ken Rogers

One of my favorite movies from my childhood is Transformers (the animated movie from 1985, not the Michael Bay films, I'm not that young!), and of course, why not pair the greatest of all Transformers with lead Pony? I give you... Twilight Prime! (or is it Optimus Sparkle?) She seems less than thrilled with this cosplay; I'm guessing Pinkie talked her into it!
425 Ascension is Magic. - Nancy Drew

426 Assassins Creed Pony - Renaissance Pony

Lazy Picture. Had Potential
427 Super Meat Colt - Geradex Acondari

428 Cereal Exposes Portalgun - Fruitlessdog

Just for you Cereal
429 Assassin's Creed - argames

I love this game.
430 Dash of Texas - Shoeunit

431 Clash of the Nathans' - Micaiah

This was hard. Cuz ponys in clothes is hard. If you can't tell, AJ is dressed as a Brown Coat, and RD is wearing a Captain Hammer T-Shirt.
432 Video-game-pony: Vaan (Final Fantasy XII) - Zhooves

'Hey, why don't I draw this idea I had just now really quickly...' - (not so) famous last words of a slow artist (me) 5 AM... We meet again! The assignment was to draw a pony dressed as a character from your favourite video-game/novel... So I drew Vaan from Final Fantasy XII (12), as a ponified version of himself, dressed as himself! I Will most likely shade this n' stuff later... When I'm awake.
433 The Cyborg - F4celess

This is a ponyfication of Marathon by Bungie. It's a game series much like Doom. but with many differences. A good plot. Funny easter eggs and awesome aliens. Link to game site in my Da (click title)
434 Madokashy - Forward Bias

435 Gears of war pony - Krass McWriter

I don't have a scanner. I:
436 The Twilight Sparkle Zone - Erin M.

Yes, I know the gag's been done before, but I've been marathoning "The Twilight Zone" recently and couldn't resist seeing Twilight done up as Rod Serling when I saw the prompt.
437 TreeLeaf on the scene! - F

Behold! Equestria's renown frequent-movie-goer arrives on the scene! Prepare to be astounded as TreeLeaf the Alicorn views and reviews not 1 but 4 new movies to the Equestrian cinema! For being a beacon of creation, this Alicorn is known to view and tell anypony who asks about what to see on the big screen and what not to! TreeLeaf only misses these screenings when he's off on adventures, hanging out with friends, or just heard bad reviews, and even then, he goes in order to express his own views to the directors of Applewood and their respective audiences! Still in sketch form, regardless, my submition for day 9 of NATG! :yay:
438 Sigmapip - Darryn Lawson

439 Pinkie Potter - Teddybear4545454

440 The Kid - Moley

Seems appropriate. My airplane was nice enough to get a 3 hour delay today so I downloaded I Wanna Kill the Guy and beat a couple chapters. Hence the inspiration. This was an experiment with a graphics tablet. Finally figured out its proper mechanics. Using it probably weakened the drawing but it was sufficient for me and a good learning experience. Yay.
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