461 Pinkie Plok - Atlur

462 Journey - Devon

463 Nicholas D. Wolfwood - Shuupadoopdoop

464 Kliment Voroshipone - Nyrx

Kind of lazy but hey here's something for today as well!
465 Pinkie Sense Gets Legit - Steven Bain-Smith

Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense is pretty quick, but not quick enough to detect a surprise drop-in from Youtube's awesome gamer; AKSpartankiller.
466 Colt Icarus Uprising - Presenting Shining Pit! - JunaE_CBS

Not that I needed an excuse to do this, but it's good to have one! Shining Armor as Pit as in Kid Icarus Uprising, with the Guardian Orbitars.
467 Day Nine - EricaC78

Shit drawing is shit.

Pinkie and Excel are like twins separated at birth. So this was the first idea I had. I also thought about adding others, like Derpy as Hyatt... But I'm too lazy.
469 Mega Mare 2 - Bubble Mare - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

I'm a pretty big fan of the Mega Man series. Especially, classic Mega Man. So, here's Derpy taking Bubble Man's place as BUBBLE MARE! Today I was going for a more cartoonish style than a smudgey, painty style like for my last couple paintings. Outlined in by hand with ink, colored in Paintshop. Time: About 5.5 hours
470 Orianna Trixie - Sethisto

Trixie don't need no ball
471 Flying Ace - Ambrose Buttercrust

472 A Menace, I Say! - Gemini Shadows

Here's the sketch of my piece for today. Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson is a small scene. And yeah, I know I forgot JJ's mustache. >_<
473 Rhapsody: A Musical Pony Adventure - jennytablina

Seeing Phoe specifically request one of my FAVE RPG's of all time. I knew I had to do such a crossover justice. I think with her musical ability and go-get-em attitude, Sweetiebelle would make the PERFECT Cornet, random baby dragon is playing Kururu, because I didn't want it to be Spike as it were. Takes the magic away otherwise I think...
474 Rarity Sappin' Mah Sentry - Nathan Thomas

Looks like Applejack is in for a ragin'.
475 A Menace, I Say! (Lineless) - Gemini Shadows

Here's the sketch of my piece for today. Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson is a small scene. Fixed the issue on the other one, and tried out a new coloring technique. I didn't have time to finish the piece today, but at least the WIP is turning out well, I think.
476 Caboose as Raz... Sort of - Renee Elsesser

Caboose is Dressed as Raz from Psychonauts, but he is a bit confused on the name bit.... And Church is trying his best to ignore Caboose. If you haven't played Psychonauts, I HIGHLY recommend it!
477 Assassin Pony - Alex Reyes

Altair from assassin's creed for today. Ran out of time to think of something nice so i have this just to fill the day.
478 Metatron - HollowZero

I didn't draw MY favorite videogame character, instead I chose one of my SO's favorites: Metatron from Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series. Wallpaper size.
479 Pony Samus Aran - BronyZ

I chose Samus Aran from Metroid. I have to say, ponies standing up is hard and ponies in armor is hard.
480 The Sacrifice - Macchiato Jolt

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