501 Tank! - Kuroi Tsubasa Tenshi

This fight is actually kind of unfair. Considering Twi can lift an Ursa Minor.
502 Pinkie Threepwood, Mighty Pirate - Terri

No time to try digital painting tonight, which is a pity 'cause I really wanted to fix that expression. I think Pinkie and Guybrush are a nice match, because "look behind you, a three-headed-monkey" seems like something she'd say, and that thing with the giant Q-tip would work in her world too... ;)
503 The Great and Powerful Trixie as the greatest Sony mascot ever conceived since Spyro the Dragon. - Mister Twister

Long title, isn't it?
504 Pinkie blue - Motaro

Heh, these challenges are getting pretty fun. I Think ive gotten something of a halfgood grip on how the general shapes of ponies look now so time to move on to more adventurous shading and settings, deviating from show-accurate colors. Also playing a little with altering the anatomy. I hope its obvious enough which movie and character inspired this rendition of Pinkie pie ^^ If its not then you people need to start watching a whole lot more classic sci fi movies o.o (Hint: It has to do with dunes)
505 Metal Gear Pony - Jaanai Ballesteros

Can't carry out a mission without your smokes. lol
506 =LD - Afion Ruki

=LD its art umadbro?
507 A'hm DRUNK! - Soulnar

This took longer than i thought it would
508 Beetletrix - Fox E:

[Animation] Though I know I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary, from robo-ponies I'll get my kicks, Beetletrix Beetletrix BEETLETRIX!
509 My Little Avatar: Waterbending is Magic - Jepp

From "Avatar: The Legend of Korra".
510 Monster Hunter:Pony - Daniel Greco

A pony, wearing Jhen Mohran armor and wielding the Heaven's Thunder longsword fighting a rathian from Monster Hunter Tri.
511 Spyro the Pony - Zach Mialki

Have a dragon turned pony.
512 DooM Pony - Sean M. Swindon

My eighth submission to NATG. A DooM enemy ponified. I hope this counts towards the "Draw a pony dressed as or from your favorite video game, movie, or book/Draw a media pony" thing they were talking about. Anywho, also my first try at making a buffed out pony. Not sure if I like it.
513 Amaterasu Dash - SirRyanTheHarris

Okami, anyone?
514 Twilight/Raven crossover - Kelzae

Wait it couldn't be a character from another series? aw damn I'm breaking the rules again! But this time isn't fun--none of them were fun, but that's not the point the point is that this is bad and I should feel bad. But I feel great. Also, Bacon.
515 Amazing Spider Mane - Kole Rogers

516 - ZeldaTheSwordsman

An anime counts too, right? Here's Celestia dressed as Override from Transformers Cybertron.
517 Rhapsody it is then! - Caramel (James)

I gotta admit, not as good as the other drawings but that's because I made it bigger. I'm much better on fitting detail on smaller drawings, so this is why it's not as good. Meant to look like like this image in mindset. http://www.rpgfan.com/pics/rhapsody/wall-02.jpg
518 Fire Beats Frost - Slylen

I themed it after my fire mage in wow and twilight knows which spec is best! (Psst fire mage all the way) Hope yall like it.
519 Cardcaptor Dinky - Star Guardian

Awww. Isn't she so cute. I gave her one of the outfits from the show. I would've given her a wand but it's a little too close to the deadline for my tastes. Brohoof to anypony that knows what episode her outfit's from!
520 Day 9 - Sam

DayZ is such a pain in the ass to me...
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