521 two barrels of epic - jach

video game character? RED DEAD REDEMPTION! still the best game ive ever played so incorporating ponys only makes sense, most fun NATG yet
522 marsdonpony - jach

523 My Little Half Life 2 - Michael Huss

Random Stuff
524 Favored Video Game Ponies - Jezendar

Ponified versions of characters from my three favorite video games: Dracula from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI, and Sydney from Fallout 3. A much more in depth description can be found on the picture's dA page.
525 The Great and Powerful (and young) Marjoly! - Crooked Sprite

I always had a soft spot for the villains.
526 Gravity Falls - PropertyOfPinkiePie

Most detailed drawing so far. I'm really tempted to finish this... Gravity Falls belongs to Disney
527 Rubick, the Grand Magus (from DOTA 2) - Tradley

This guy is a lot of fun to play with! With his eccentric attitude and unique mechanics, he'll give you a real taste of your own medicine! Original character: http://www.dota2wiki.com/images/thumb/a/ae/Rubick_update_splash.png/800px-Rubick_update_splash.png (Made with Anime Studio 8) (Rubick and DOTA 2 belong to IceFrog and Valve)
528 Artist Training Grounds - Day 9 - Picardy Third

Didn't have time to do the shading, so it's a little cluttered, but here's Piccy with his Pokemon team!
529 - Sham Faker

No Lasso Loo for today, I was stuck in a car with nothing other than my sketchbook (Which is tiny) and my camera. So here's a Ponified Dr. Horrible, from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!
530 Snow White and Evil Queen ponies - Clair Luree

From Snow White and the Huntsman. My cousin requested this last month and i thought i'd finally get it out of the way. c:
531 Element...er... Triforce of Courage - 8-Bit64

My 9th day drawing ponies. I really liked this one, as it gave me the opportunity to see how human things can flesh out into ponified things. Translating link's look and clothes from bipedal to quadrupedal and human profile to pony profile was an interesting challenge. I hope I get the chance to do something similar on other days...
532 My Little Trolls - Arcovia

I wanted to draw Fluttershy as GLaDOS and Applejack as Chell, but I didn't have enough time. Instead, you get to enjoy some Karkat pony.
533 We'll Be There Before Too Long - Night

Zia from Bastion!
534 Uchiha, Twilight - aj_joe

Twilight Sparkle dress as my favorite naruto character: Itachi Uchiha. I think they fit perfectly, because they are both gifted with special talents, magic in one case and the sharingan in the other. By the way, I finally decided to open a deviantART account (http://aj0joe.deviantart.com/) so if you wish to give feedback to my drawings, you are welcome :)
535 The Morning Stallions - Rasple ZS

Based on "The Morning Stream" podcast. From the Frogpants Studios Network (obviously)!
536 Days 1-9 - Yamahawk

First nine days of EQD ATG II on one piece of paper
537 See you, space cowboy - Heir of Rick

538 Alphanu-MARE-ic! - chriswillpony

Enzo Matrix: ponified
539 Scootado - ExudesAffluence

This was originally going to be something much more complicated, but I kind of lost sight of the prompt along the way. But all is well, because Scootaloo is adorable!
540 One Hit, you're Naked - Invidlord

Night Flurry as Arthur from Ghosts n' Goblins Because Knight Flurry is best Flurry.
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