541 In the Other Crystal Empire.. - Grimmers

I was gonna do a Mass Effect pony, but the ME Facebook thing kinda made it too obvious. The ever-so-clever Day[9] pony also crossed my mind, but I didn't really feel up for it. Figured these two would be amusing to do instead. And illegal hyperlabs aren't a place for ponies Twilight, u so silly.
542 Pascal from Tales of Graces - Fluffy

She's the ultimate mix between Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash! As a side note: I'm sticking to sketches on days I work. I didn't even have time to draw a staff for her X_X
543 Daring Dash - PeruserofPieces

First of all, yes, that is supposed to be Rainbow Dash dressed as Daring Do. When I started drawing, I honestly didn't think about how a black and white drawing of such a thing would obviously end up looking like a picture of Daring Do herself. So, minor facehoof on that. If it had color, it wouldn't be a problem. I know it may seem like I cheated by having her dress as a character from her own show, but Indiana Jones has always been one of my favorite characters of all time, and since Daring Do is basically Indy in pony form, it really only made sense to have Dash dress as Daring. Besides, Daring Do is just as awesome in her own right, and is actually the inspiration behind a (non-pony) adventure novel idea I've been piecing together for a little while now. So yes, Daring Do, IS one of my favorite media characters, so this does in fact fit with the theme. Not quite as good as some of my previous efforts, but at least her clothes aren't skin-tight. ;-)
544 Link and Book Pony - Winter Falcon

A two for one special. The book pony was first thought upon reading the prompt, but I couldn't resist cosplaying my pony as Link. I will definitely be redrawing and coloring that idea in the near future.
545 Pony Effect 3 - Lunar Apologist

Turned out okay, I think! Took WAAAAY too long, though.
546 Applebloom the Treasure Hunter - Ordinary Differential Equation

Applebloom is Locke Cole. Go play Pony Fantasy 6! NOW!
547 Scribbles West. She's covered wars y'know. - brokenhero0409

Scribbles is my other OC. She's a journalist, so the combo of her and Frank is the obvious thing.
548 Rarity's Successful Hunt - Xanderreh

From my favorite video game series: Monster Hunter. Go play it, IT'S UNDERRATED!!
549 - Tsukurina

550 Ponified "Kote" - Tim Roper

This is Kote from the Kingkiller Chronicles series by Patrick Rothfuss. Very good books.
551 Fluttershy Demon Slayer - Tyler Ouellette

This is my rendition of Fluttershy as Raikoh from the Otogi video game series.
552 Undergarments are Magic - DashAttack

I bet this is too saucy. But you know what you can do? FLY AWAY NOW. FLY AWAY NOW. FLY AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.
553 Ponified Syaoran - ACanOfTuna

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is by far one of my all time favorite manga series ever.
554 twilight doodle (NATG 8+9) - Gary Duquette

a doodle. never ment to upload it, but thought it might make people giggle.
555 Final Pony Fantasy VI Final Fight - Daishizen

i a;dlkgn;kds, tired
556 Mega Mare 2 - Bubble Mare - Cazra / A_Human_Wizard

Re-upload of #469. Had to brush up a few tiny tidbits that I forgot to color in.
557 Lord General Top Hattius, Ready for Duty - TheMunkis

I really need to learn not to start big projects like this that end up getting unfinished T_T
558 Toan Pony - ShinyWhisper18

I wasn't sure what to draw so I turned Toan from Dark Cloud into a pony =D
559 Ponified Captain Quark, from the Ratchet and Clank game - Brent Syphus A.K.A cyber5555

This is a ponified Captain Quark from my favorite game and first for the Playstation 2; Rachet and Clank.
560 groose pony is best pony. - Gary Duquette

my first image without going crazy over a reference image! THANK U TO THE GUY WHO STARTED THIS! IM REALLY BECOMING A ARTIST! :D
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